• This, ReplaceFace, is a Tumblr that replaces the faces of Russian generals in paintings with the faces of celebrities. It sounds like something that’s just going to make you upset to look at, but it’s actually delightful. -ReplaceFace
  • Here is a video of Fred Armisen singing “I Sent A Bottle Of Sparkling Apple Juice” for five minutes. -PopCultureBrain
  • Ashton Kutcher’s racist potato chip ad got pulled. Not sure how people will know how to be racist and which potato chips to buy now but, who knows, I’m not the one in charge. -WarmingGlow
  • Someone remade the opening credits to Game of Thrones with Legos. I just imagined that sentence on a news ticker and made myself a little bit mad for 100% no reason. Try it! -AVClub
  • Aziz Ansari “pranked” Anderson Cooper by first sending out an Aziz Ansari look alike when he appeared on his show, and it seems like he actually got pranked? He seems embarrassed! Haven’t you ever seen Aziz Ansari before, Anderson Cooper? What’s going on? Is he just playing along? ANYONE? How does TV work??? -LaughingSquid
  • The NYC apartments of these celebrities are very nice, but they’re not, like, CRAZY. Which is upsetting in itself. What can WE ever even hope for, if these celebrities don’t have crazy apartments? -NYMagazine
  • Watch this behind-the-scenes of Breaking Bad video! It will tell you literally nothing about season 5, but it’s nice to see all our old friends! -AMC
  • When people have funny names and get arrested my first thought is always that they got arrested on purpose so people would know their funny name, but then I realize that no they are just crazy people. -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, a lion trying to eat a child. -TheDailyWhat
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  1. Ashton Kutcher went from racist potato chip shill to punking Anderson Cooper. That guy NEVER LOSES.

  2. The cruelest trick Kelly ever pulled is posting today’s link round-up at 3:30, instead of 4:15. I thought I was 45 minutes closer to sweet, sweet Thursday night freedom. You just made my list, Kelly.

  3. Stella Schnabel seems super cool and down to earth. -NO ONE EVER

  4. Here is a video of Fred Armisen singing “I Sent A Bottle Of Sparkling Apple Juice” for five minutes.” a ‘Portlandia’ sketch?

  5. I’ve been reading about that lioness an that kid all morning, and I know it shouldn’t bug me, but every time they refer to that kid as a ‘zebra’ in his ‘;zebra-striped’ hoody, or equate it to why the lioness wants to eat him, I start to see red.

    First of all, have any of these people seen a zebra before? Their stripes look NOTHING like that kid’s sweatshirt. NOT EVEN CLOSE. His sweatshirt is SO ambiguously white and gray, if a panda was licking the glass people’d be like, “Oh, he’s like a panda cub!” Secondly, has no one seen the plethora of other videos of giant cats doing this to children who are not ‘dressed as zebras’? It happens ALL THE TIME, no gussying up your child as natural lion prey required. Thirdly, fuck people that do this! I feel bad for HOUSECATS that swat and lick at their glass prisons, let alone WILD ANIMALS.

    I was really hoping while the parents were filming and giggling from afar that the glass would just BREAK. I wanted that glass to breaks SO BAD.

    • *white and black (I am really seeing red here, obviously, which is why I messed up some of my words)

      • P.S. I would love to safely see a lion’s open jaws up close and personal. That is the only thing I could possibly enjoy in this scenario; getting the opportunity to see inside a lion’s mouth. It is probably really cool live and in person!

        But since I’m not at a zoo and don’t have fucking kid bait, I must go to the internet to see images and footage of lion’s opening their jaws. There are much better ways to do that than to watch footage of people at zoos with their shitty shaky-cam phone cameras and what not teasing the animals, and that’s not why those people are posting that footage anyway, so fuck ‘em.

        • Solution 1: Get yosef some kid bait for the zoo. (Sex works, but takes a reeeaaallllly long time for the bait to hatch and grow. Try a local park (maybe even a zoo).

          Solution 2: Get yosef a highly trained German shepherd from one of those German shepherd training facilities and train him to a) pose as a guide dog; b) attack shitty shaky-cam phone cameras at the zoo. Then dress up as a congenial sight-impaired zoogoer with a small child in tow (bait).

          Head over to the lion enclosure and let the good times roll! (Everyone will think you’re blind, but jokes on them! While they’re watching the dog attack the camera phone, you’ll have unleashed your high-def camera to catch an open lion’s mouth in all it’s glory. Then you can just throw the bait on in, if that’s what turns you on.)

    • Can’t upvote this enough.

  6. Lions attempting to eat children are never not funny.

  7. Is anyone else getting to the point of “not another tumblr”?

    • That said. Isn’t this fun?

    • I’m pretty sure the creation of new tumblrs will cease only when every single possibly thing/combination of things is covered, and any time you want a picture of something you can just type in dot tumblr dot com. I’m pretty excited for that day actually, as it was to my great sorrow that I recently found out fuckyeahpizzacatgifs dot tumblr dot com is not a real site yet

  8. I think that some of you will now need to reconsider your reactionary responses to Ashton’s rather deep commentary on our culture (aka his “racist” chip “viral” video commercial advertisement thingy) in light of the whole Anderson Cooper gaffe.

    But he should still be publicly whipped for his abuse of my Duck Dynasty brethren. Never again, Kutch, never again.

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