You see a lot of weird stuff on the Internet, especially when it’s your job to do so, so it’s just nice to have come across something NORMAL for once. (Via Dangerous Minds.)

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  1. Out and Proud!

  2. Sailor Moon, what happened?

  3. So much nice peace and yet all for only one.

  4. At least Mr. Peace put on his best Sound of Music sailor suit. That’s nice.

  5. See, so much is lost in translation here. It should read “Nice Piece,” and he should be in jail.

  6. Oh well, close enough I guess.

  7. It’s endorsements like this that have made New Balance the trendsetting fashion footware juggernaut that it is today.

  8. William Hangmyself.

  9. This is a pretty decent representation of what I think it’s like inside a Scientologist’s head.

  10. Rarely has the concept deviated so much from the execution.

  11. Don’t worry, girl, Tuxedo Mask still thinks you’re a nice peace.

  12. The weird part is that this is actually a commercial for Pop Chips.

  13. “Could this video BE any more normal?” -Chanandler Bong

  14. 1. I love Japan, really.

    2. The artist behind this video still fully believes it was worth violating his restraining order for.

  15. So this is what it must be like for other cultures to see bits from Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show taken out of context.

    (Actually, maybe it’s exactly the same.)

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