WORLDS BEEN HAD LIGHTLY BUMPING INTO EACH OTHER! At some event, who knows which event, it doesn’t matter which event, the Saturday Night Live Kardashians and the E! Network Kardashians took a photo together. We can see that. What we can’t see is HOW IS THAT PHOTO THEN CAPTIONED?! Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball.

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  1. The were gonna make a wax statue of Bruce Jenner, but then they decided what’s the point?

  2. It’s never a good sign when the impersonators look better than the real thing.

  3. Fake and Risque

    • In some alternate universe, the cast of Lorne Michael’s The New Show takes a photo with the Kupelians, three sisters who teach materials science at Columbia University.

  4. Those are the worst cardiassian cosplayers ever!

  5. Unmanned drone ‘em all, let E! sort ‘em out.

  6. It honestly makes me feel good about my life choices that I have no idea which ones are real and which are fake.

  7. I do wonder what the future will make of the people of Kardashia, and their bodyguard/doppelgangers.

  8. Ah, look at the mom. She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t belong in the picture but she’s trying.

  9. Kannon fodder.

  10. “I’m responsible for all of this! ME! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” -Kris Jenner

  11. So, fake Kardashians?

  12. Not pictured: kodos and Kang.

  13. More like Kreeping Up with the Kardas… umm…

    *Transfixed by their collective dead eyes, FLW becomes hypnotized. Blood pours from his ears and black bile pours from the corners of his mouth. He begins to mindlessly chant “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Kardassians R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” as his mind melts from the beautiful, terrible insane horror.

  14. From left to right: Nasim as Kim, Kim, Abby as Khloe, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, & Vanessa as Kourtney

  15. “which one’s which?”

    WITCH? she’s a witch?! BURN EM! BURN EM ALL!”

  16. Not pictured: A Very Thankful Kristen Wiig

  17. The night is dark and full of terrors.

  18. Not even the mom can tell which pieces of shit were her doing.

    I just feel bad for the janitor that has to deal with this mess.

  19. Not pictured: $2300 worth of shapewear.

  20. Not pictured: Jay Pharoah as Kayne West, a Bruce Jenner wax sculpture (or is it?), and the real, befuddled, Kanye West.

  21. Not pictured: Kimba the white lion.

  22. They’re all doing their best Michele Bachmann impression.

  23. Kris Jenner: A white lady living off of Persians since 1980!

  24. I am beginning to think that kardashianism spreads like the zombie virus. If they bite you, you join their damned ranks!

  25. “I can’t figure out which ones are real and which ones are fake!”

    “Nevermind that, just shoot them all!”

  26. I’m worried about Jenny Slate, you guys.

  27. Kris Jenner gets photobombed again! -Kris Jenner

  28. Not pictured: Kobert Kowner Jr.

  29. This a cast reunion for Stella Got Her Groove On?

  30. “Hello! Yes, hi! We’re here to kill Renly Baratheon?”

  31. Patsy Stone was right…

    They really *are* multiplying like head lice.

    (reference for those who didn’t see the very good Ab Fab special this year: Patsy Stone was right.

  32. Not pictured: Fake Lamar Odom’s sigh of relief.

  33. SNL cast members who do impressions of presidents get to meet the president. I bet Nasim, Vanessa and Abby are PISSED.

  34. im sure when they all laugh, the devil cries a little

  35. ‘can someone help me find my 7th horcrux?’

  36. Everybody, quickly! We must ‘turn off’ the Kardashians by grossing them out! For the love of Ray J, spit on yourselves! Blow your noses on your face! Rub your excretions on your arms and legs! I’ll be over here jabbing my thumbs in my eyes! Where are the cucumbers?!

  37. Awful: The Sequel

  38. Chris Elliot’s daughter teaches the Kardashians about nepotism

  39. Can someone point out Fred Armisen for me?

  40. In the third trimester, the baby opens it’s eyes and practices breathing with it’s still-developing lungs, while the mother begins to resemble the Kardashians

  41. “It’s so great to meet the fake Kim K. Hahah! Where did you get such a luscious wig, that almost looks real!” -Nasim Pedrad

  42. Many Bothans died to bring us this photo.

  43. Why didn’t you guys choose the picture with the mom’s doppelganger in it ?

  44. I’m trying to think of a witty thing to say here. Does “SNL & Kardashian family: comrades in tiresomeness” count?

  45. Kris Jenner doubles her salary by adding 3 more hoes to her stable.

  46. Robert Kardashian is the only one burning in Hell who thanks God every day that he is free of this f#ckery.

  47. I wish Kris Jenner was a little more like Patsy Ramsey.

  48. Skanks for the memories.

    • Hahahaaa!!! I got downvotes on this one? I’m sorry, did I offend the skanks who read this site by associating them with the Kardassians? Well, then I hereby apologize to any skanks who were offended by by thoughtless remarks.

  49. This photo sums up why the terrorists hate us. They don’t hate us for our freedoms; they hate us for our reality shows.

  50. Porn Star Kim Kardhashiahan and others pose for no reason.

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