• Hillary Clinton wrote a polite letter to Jason Segel, and here it is! ”Dear Jason Segel: Is Michelle Williams as beautiful in real life as she is on-screen? I’m sure the answer is yes, but I just thought I’d ask. Love, Hillary Clinton.” (You can read the actual letter at the link.) (If you want to.) -Politico
  • John Krasinski is going to “host” (or at least lend his voice to) a game show for the Discovery Channel and it kind of sounds like the best game show I’ve ever heard of? -Zap2It
  • Hey, guys? I’m not sure if any of you saw Diane Keaton on the Colbert Report last night, but I’m not sure that she’s ok? It seems like she might not be ok. Someone give her a call and see if everything’s going all right. -Mediaite
  • Louis C.K. won a webby! The most exciting day in Louis C.K.’s life, I’m sure, and we’re all here to witness it together! I can hardly believe it! -EW
  • Hulu may soon require you to log in with your cable TV number in order to watch Hulu videos. It’s very impressive how Hulu seems to be desperately grasping for irrelevance, in world full of people trying to do the opposite. -WarmingGlow
  • A strip club named a room after Charlie Sheen, and now Charlie Sheen is suing them. Which seems fine? They should just stop calling it the Charlie Sheen room. I’m sure the appeal will still be there. -Dlisted
  • FilmDrunk wants to know who’s birthday party sucked more: Kirk Cameron’s LEGENDARY Subway party, or Ian MacKaye’s 50th birthday. But then they describe Ian MacKaye’s birthday and it sounds great? Anyway, which Ian MacKaye band is your favorite? Teen Idles? -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, here is a “fail” compilation from the past month. -TheDailyWhat
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  1. Hulu is owned by NBC, which is owned by Comcast. The cable thing makes total sense if you’re a fan of vertical integration, which Comcast certainly is.

  2. Holy schmoly Diane Keaton, what happened?!?

    • I was not prepared for that. Oh Diane Keaton, I worry.

    • Looks like Diane Keaton took some percocet before going on air.

    • I just called Diane to make sure she’s OK, and she told me that her book is available in paperback today.

    • Diane “Farah Fawcett” Keaton is more like it. . .

    • Maybe since she was the original Manic Pixie Dream Girl she dropped the girl part and also the dream part and is just a manic pixie?

      Or she was drunk. That looks like a really good white wine drunk on an empty stomach after having a lot of coffee. Not that I know of such things. Not at all. Just stuff I’ve seen on TV. Or read about on the Internet.

      • Either this (which I also don’t know of no not one bit) or maybe she was just being silly. I kind of think she was just being silly and maybe went a little too far?

        • Agree. I caught the first few minutes of this on re-run last night and thought, “Oh, ew, she’s trying to outfunny the funny, just stop Diane, please.” I didn’t want to watch SC have to field her non-sequitur unfunny crap (though holy hell, did he do a good job of it, all things considered!). So I changed the channel. I’m disturbed to learn now that it actually went even further down Uncomfortable Hill after that point. Yeesh.

  3. I don’t know why Hilary Clinton waited until recently to be amazing,I mean she was always cool but right now she’s at dog wearing sunglasses level

    • Seriously. Is she running against Robamney? Because I’ve got to be honest, I would probably vote for her. Check that. I would definitely vote for her.

  4. blink 182!!!!!!!!

  5. Favorite Ian McCaye band is EVERYONE OF THEM! I grew up in DC and the first time I saw him live was with Egg Hunt, I believe. Remember the early Fugazi shows. They were the best concerts I ever went to. The Evens are still fantastic too!

  6. Snob answer: Pailhead

    Real Answer: Minor Threat

  7. Ian MacKaye is the worst. Saw The Evens at Fort Reno and got a series of lectures on proper concert and park etiquette. What a joyless tool.

    I got drunk on his property once. A small victory in the war against straight edge.

    • I got scolded by some passing stranger old dude at JazzFest in New Orleans last weekend, for saying the f-word to my boyfriend (in a perfectly friendly sentence) while we were walking around. What’s with these crotchety folks thinking we come to outdoor concerns to learn about manners? Joyless tool = perfect summary.

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