Has anyone been keeping up with Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show? No? That’s what I thought. It’s a big wide world out there, and there’s something for everybody. None of us has ever seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua and none of us are keeping up with Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, because these things are not made for us but we understand and recognize that we live in a world in which there are people who want them and we’re perfectly happy to let them have it. But hey! Look! Here’s a screengrab of Anderson Cooper holding a 37-pound cat. OF COURSE. His show IS about news and entertainment after all. He brings America all of the most important news and entertainment. Look at him. Dude is a Rockefeller or whatever. He’s the Amistad of American Industrial Titans, standing on the shoulders of his ancestors to pet a 37-pound cat for an audience of middle-aged women. Incredible. This is what Kenny Powers was fighting so hard to keep: America. This is what Barack Obama wants to remain in charge of for four more years. When you see some redneck in a leather vest with a confederate flag patch on the back, sitting astride a throbbing motorcycle, I want you to show him this picture. Keep out of range of his fists, but I want you to show him this picture. And the two of you will scream the Star Spangled Banner at the top of your lungs together on your short ride to hell. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. More like Anderson Pooper Scooper

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture that better defines the Internet than the one leading this story.

  3. Hey! That’s the cat that was in the afternoon links awhile ago! Oh dear, my Videogums Been Had Colliding!

  4. I always knew Andersoon Cooper was cozy with the fat cats.

  5. That cat should wet itself

  6. This is unrelated to Anderson Cooper, but I doubt it’s going to come up anywhere else, and I feel as if I am justified in my bragging. Remember this?

    Okay, good. Now look at the name of the House series finale:


  7. The cat does not look pleased to be in the grip of the Silver Fox.

  8. Okay, so maybe Anderson Cooper isn’t the biggest pussy on television, but it’s close.

  9. Pictured: Garfield and Nermal

  10. This just in: Silver Fox crushed to a sliver of a fox.

  11. Is this like when he drank coffee on air? “Unlike most people, I’ve made it all this way in my life without holding a 37-pound cat! Tune in today to see my hilarious reaction!”

  12. Anderson Cooper AND a Pussy

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