Paul F. Tompkins has a new web-series where he interviews people over cocktails. Here is a trailer for it. It’s called Speakeasy.

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  1. I watched this trailer last night and was delighted, but then was sad because apparently it’s subscription-based(?), and I don’t have ‘the dough.’ right now, per se…

    It looks great though! PFT conversations are always huge, entertaining riff-a-thons.

  2. BBC America had him as one of the talking heads on their Doctor Who specials for the last season, because of course, and it was fantastic :) I wish he could talk about every episode of Doctor Who.

  3. I like PFT. I like Zach Galifianakis. I like Nathan Fillion. I like Chris Hardwick. I like Weird Al. I love booze. I don’t really like completely empty bars.

  4. Also, looking forward to Marc Maron’s episode.

  5. Interviewing while drunk. You’re going to be seeing Paul make this face a lot.

  6. Comedy nerd sidebar. Why are PFT and Tom Scharpling no longer friends?

    • I was very casually trying to figure that out for myself a couple days ago. I didn’t really come up with anything other than they may have had creative differences over the show they were developing, but that is a really broad statement. Creative differences could mean anything.

      I was sad to realize I hadn’t heard anything about the two of them collaborating in a good long while. The phone conversation they had on the March 31, 2011 episode of The Best Show on WFMU when PFT was calling in from Australia was one of the funniest 40 minute conversations I’ve ever heard from the two of them.

  7. No doubt PFT is regularly mistaken for a speakeasy employee.

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