There are moments when you realize that all of the hard work and innovation that was required to create the Internet was not only worth it, but is a minor miracle. Look at us now, God! Look what baby made! (Via HaveYouSeenThis.)

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  1. We know what he did with them all – he ate them!

  2. More like VELma Kilmer.

  3. Holy shit remember how good looking Val Kilmer used to be! He looks like a lion. If Game of Thrones was made 20 years ago, Val Kilmer would be Jamie Lannister FOR SURE.

  4. “Dammit, Val! That’s my thing! That’s my bad acting thing!” — David Caruso

  5. This is all well and good, but I wish there was one of Val Kilmer losing his mind and/or drastic weight fluctuations. Surely there’s enough video evidence out there at this point to make a feature-length supercut.

  6. Haha. I can now imagine a 1980s Val Kilmer arguing with Ron Howard on the set of Willow that Madmartigan NEEDED a pair of glasses, somehow, some way, for his character to work.

  7. He perfected that move during a junior high production. It was Death of a Salesman. He was the tree.

  8. I’m so hot for Val. I hope this means he’s on his way back because he is awesome.

  9. Does he get stung by a bunch of bees and then die at the end?

  10. This makes me so sad, because Val Kilmer used to be THE HOTTEST. Okay, second hottest behind Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys. But still, so hot, and now he just needs to be rolled to the Juicing Room.

    In short, Sad Galaxy.

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