Lots of this advice makes sense, even if you’re NOT getting married. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. That is #literally The Narrator and I in 50 years.

  2. Wait, was he naked in that shot with the topless woman? Either way, these two are TOO adorbz!

  3. Marriage advice from George Constanza’s parents? I think not.

  4. Ask questions. Bring a book. Use Twitter.

  5. Listen- Their marriage tips are all well and good, but what I really need is advice on what to do once my acting career goes south, I’m locked in my bedroom with a revolver, and these two yahoos come crawling in under my bedroom door. Do I pull the trigger or…?

  6. Hmmm… Is this a video? I’m just seeing a blank white box. Maybe it’s my old Safari browser. I’d like to know what your marriage advice is. In the leantime, here is mine: http://daisybrain.wordpress.com/2010/07/03/marriage-improvement-new-useful-words-and-myths-debunked/

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