I once got grounded for a week for teaching my baby brother a trick: I would say “You down with OPP?” and he would reply “Yeah you know me!” Well, I would like an official pardon on that grounding now that I’ve seen the trick these terrible parents have taught their 3-year-old:

Well, we can all agree that that’s just not a good idea.

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  1. I don’t see what the big deal is about Verne Troyer enjoying a smoke on his vacation to North Korea.

  2. Seeing a child make those adult movements is so strange. It’s like watching Baby Herman in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

  3. all freak out aside (which should be your FIRST reaction), this kid is gonna be a bad-ass !!

  4. clever pseudonym  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +7

    Pffft. Poseur’s totally hotboxing it.

  5. matt  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +3

    This video broke my heart :( . Yet, it’s adorable to see a little person (not an adult) smoke like a big boy.

  6. Is this a new trend? Last month there was a story with a mom from Wales who had a toddler that smoked….

  7. You got grounded for what?!!

  8. This is actually just part of China’s new population control policy.

    Cigarettes for everyone!

  9. Gross. Stuff like this makes me really sad.

    The worst I ever did to a kid was make my 2-year-old niece watch Obama speeches on YouTube when I babysat her. Though now she screams “OBAMA!!!” whenever she sees a black guy, so maybe that was bad after all…

  10. killertv  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +12

    smoking? i really? i’m more concerned about the kid already being in a biker gang. probably had to mess someone up for initiation

  11. What I find strange is that out of the group of people observing (from the sound of it, 5 or 6) NOT ONE is concerned. Even in a group of potheads/irresponsible adults you would expect at least one person who thinks this is a bad idea.

  12. Andrew  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 -2

    In China this is the equivalent of taking the SATs, but for life and not college.

  13. If that’s in Beijing it really doesn’t matter. The air pollution is so terrible there you might as well smoke.

  14. The worst part is that they’re Chinese cigarettes, so they’re filled with melamine.

  15. Sal  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +2

    Wow. That was upsetting.

  16. klau  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 -4

    this is disturbing. the child’s parents obviously don’t know about the dangers of smoking and the companies who cigarettes only care about their profits. these people aren’t speaking mardarin, maybe fujian, so this video wasn’t made in beijing. now that western countries have stricter limits or bans on smoking, corporations like philip morris have shifted their focus overseas. the parents and the cigarette companies should be held accountable.

  17. Joanna  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 -13

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    • mina  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +7


      they’re for sure NOT speaking Korean.

      I doesn’t sound anything like it (including seoul or pusan accents)

      Plus, the kid doesn’t even look Korean.

      Not trying to be like “NOOOO koreans would never do that” because I don’t know, maybe some people would, i’d just like to say that they’re not speaking korean- it doesn’t even sound like korean at all.

  18. wow, it took me so long to figure out how to get a lighter to stay lit! that kid has superior gross motor skills.

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  20. yeah, this was an upsetting video…

    mainly because i wanted to see him blow a smoke ring or something. sorry, but a baby JUST smoking isn’t fascinating enough to merit pulling out the video camera.

  21. Krista  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +1

    I hope that kid is actually like 30 and his buddies (the cameraman and biker dude) were just executing a favorite prank of theirs which is to bring out Ace/Duke/whatever his nickname translates to and have him smoke in public. I hope!

  22. Evil genius laugh at 2:42

  23. Ratrace  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +1

    Before you get upset, Joanna, you should figure out what language people are speaking. This is Chinese. And the kid isn’t even inhaling. Pfft. What about them ghetto babies in LA that were smoking pot for real at age 2 and 3?

  24. johnny  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009 +5

    obviously you don’t speak Chinese. I grew up in China, and can tell you that these people are from Northern China, and are most certainly speaking Chinese.

  25. Is this really that big of a deal? I mean, sure it’s encouraging a habit before the kid gets to make a choice about it for himself, but his parents obviously already smoke so he’s going to be around second hand anyways. Maybe I’ve been listening to too much Bill Hicks, but even though “they’ve proven that if you stop smoking you’ll live longer, but what they haven’t proven that a long life is a good thing.”

  26. Kids do the darndest things.

  27. kurizma  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2009 +4

    wow. this kid can light a cigarette but has a hard time opening up that piece of candy….

  28. What does this have to do with “Lost”?

  29. I smoked a cigar at tat age.

    I haven’t smoked since.

    And no, I didn’t get sick.

  30. I had to watch until the end just to see if they were really, really, for real gonna let that kid sit there and smoke the whole cigarette. AND THEY DID. WHY. First the melamine, now this? China, you’re not even trying anymore. At least pretend like you’re not intentionally trying to kill kids.

    P.S. Lindsay, I feel you. I once got in trouble for asking my five year-old sister if she liked boys or girls.

  31. quanzi  |   Posted on Feb 12th, 2009 +2

    Smoking may hurt the kid in time, but is everybody ignoring the fact that this kid is getting driven around on the handlebars of a motorcycle???

  32. And Northrax.

  33. tiffany  |   Posted on Feb 12th, 2009 -4

    altho i do find this disturbing and dont condoe it at all, i have 2 friends who smoked age from when they were 6 with there father. he would roll to blunts and put it on teh table and tell them that when they were done with their chores they could smoke. later on their dad had 2 more babies and he would hold the babies noses cup their mouths n blow smoke into their lungs from about the age of one.(basically like a baby shotgun) luckily right now they are still healthy (my friends being 20 and 21 only one of them still smokes but socially not daily and the babies are now about 5 years old). my friends do NOT plan on doing this to their children tho.

  34. Erroll   |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2009 0

    I was astounded by the precision that kid showed. but i was also astounded and appalled about the people around that kid. I can imagine baby chimneys while seeing that kid. imagine we are slowly damaging their fragile system at a young age. But can we stop them? apparently they agree to this thing and well, what would the new generation look like?

  35. Andy  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2009 +1

    Parenthood FAIL.
    I’m surprised that nobody’s called it yet.

  36. that kid doesn’t seem to be fully aware of the health risks involved with cigarette smoking-…

  37. Smoking?! What about littering?!?! For shame

  38. NoShow  |   Posted on Feb 17th, 2009 0

    Everybody on this site is so RACIST!

    You guys, that’s not a toddler, that’s a full grown Chinese man! They’re a lot smaller than white people, you know. I can’t believe nobody can tell the difference, FOR SHAME

  39. caitlin  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009 +1

    Not only is he smoking, he is riding a motorcycle and with no helmet

  40. patti  |   Posted on Sep 9th, 2009 0

    this kid can probably send them all to the cornfield, ala that twilight zone episode, that’s why they’re all laughing at his jokes and letting him smoke.

  41. judge  |   Posted on Sep 11th, 2009 0

    There seems to be 2 schools of thought regarding how to respond to this video. Make an sarcastic quip like: Gee, the Hells Angels have really dropped their standards. Or a more humorless and seemingly unpopular route: That video is pathetic, and to make light of it is creepy. Sign me up for the latter.

  42. Anonymous  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2009 0

    That is going to stunt his growth. He should at least switch to mediums or lights. Look how proud daddy is. I wonder if he smokes in the house.

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