Printers can print food. Bugs don’t exist — especially not bed bugs. Teleportation has been developed, is widely used, free, and safe. The longest you can live is still around 100 years old, because why would you ever want to live longer than that, but most illnesses you would encounter before then have been cured. You can fly, but ONLY you. No one has ever even heard of acne, and your hair never does anything weird. You own a Click remote, but ONLY you, and you use it well. You are very good at cooking. Hogwarts exists. Somewhere. (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew!)

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  1. Uh, and there’s Draco at the bottom right and Ginny just above him?!?

  2. That doesn’t look like the Jonas Brothers at all

  3. You are the only one on the road, so driving down one-ways the wrong ain’t a thing.

  4. what if I wished I lived in a world where Harry Potter didn’t exist?

    better get to work everyone.

  5. Is that Cumberbatch top row, one from the left? Or should I say, Severus Snape’s long lost son…

  6. Is that Jennifer Aniston rockin the pre-Ross ‘Rachel’ ‘do?

  7. These David Fincher movies are so confusing. Can someone just tell me which one of them killed Harriet Vanger?

  8. But its not me, James McAvoy, and Tilda Swinton… Guys, I think my dream thingy’s busted again.

  9. I’ve been wondering lately if Hogwarts held commencements for graduating seventh year students. Rowling never mentions it, all you have is Dumbledore snapping his fingers and making the banners the appropriate colors/symbols and man, I don’t know what life is anymore.

  10. This is where we find out that J. K. Rowling just visited this school surreptitiously and wrote down everything that happened to these kids, like that episode of Futurama where Leela had the Yo-Gabba-Gabba esque kids show.

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