Don’t even worry about it, Beyonce. He thinks you’re cute, too. Like, no sweat. REAL HIP HOP! Streets is talking. About Kleenex. (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. I guess this is as good a place as any to state that I’m in favor of stricter gun control policy.

  2. Don’t bring infinity knives to a snot fight.

  3. You’d think, if knew you were about to record the hardest track in history, you’d wait for a day where you didn’t have a cold.

  4. The baddest runny nose.

  5. More like Lay-Z Downer Jr.

  6. Did the director not even LISTEN to the lyrics before he made this music video? Krispy Kreme clearly says, “[he] don’t even carry a gun,” and what do we see? Him and his posse holding guns.

    I’m really disappointed. I expected better production standards from my man KK and his taller, astigmatic younger brother (cousin?).

  7. He made out with every girl in the world? But he told me I was the only one!

  8. “My rap name is Krispy Kreme because I’m as terrible as their donuts.” – Krispy Kreme

  9. he’s really putting that mic’s bugger screen to good use.

  10. They should fire the sound engineer. You can’t even hear the banjos in the mix.

  11. If by every girl in the world you mean every pillow, then yes I believe you.

  12. I am afraid that this poor gentleman has some sort of cold and is also delusional.

  13. he never runs, but his nose sure does.

  14. Y’ALL. are there krispy kremes in the north??? also why would you name your badass rapper personae after doughnuts?

  15. very confused re: the ages/heights of the members of krispy kreme

  16. You guys, I am worried about these two. They look they may be masterminding a plot to shoot up their school.

    • Every time you post this I go and watch the video. I hope you feel appropriately guilty about the 3 minutes a week this usually costs me. Get rapping with it. Heeyyyyyy. Get rappin’ with it. Hooooooo.

      • I hope I feel appropriately guilty about watching the entirety of the new Mad Men this morning while I wait for IT to fix server issues.

        • It’s one of their best longer, bizarre sketches. Jon Cryer even shows up as Duckie. The level of insanity in that sketch is just perfection (I’m not even going to mention the trail of candy bars).

          • That was the episode I told people to start with when trying out the show for the first time. “Start with season 4″ I’d always say.

          • I’ve always been partial to the Coupon: The Movie episode. Bob doing stuff for charity, Droopy at the Donut Shop (“Keep the chAHnge“), Megaphone Crooners, giving the go ahead to the green light, Coupon: The Trial and then Coupon: The Movie.

            Every season has some superb episodes, and then some good to ok episodes. I tend to stray away from Season 4 because it was on the downward slope of the near-perfect season 3, and some of the writers/cast were winding down and new members were coming into their own, so it was kind of season 1 all over again with the growing pains involved. That being said, the majority of Season 4 is really good and has some great episodes.

            I don’t know if I’d recommend any one season for anybody to start watching. I’d have to recommend, like, four episodes, one from each season. What those episodes would be is a task for another day.

          • I’d probably say season 3 if I was recommending it to someone. And my personal favourite sketch is the lie detector one. It’s pretty much just an escalation of one kind of dumb joke but it cracks me up every time. Also the Mt Everest one. Also the one where David Cross is performing The Audition. Also the one with Bob Odenkirk doing the milking machine song. Damn, it IS hard to pick one.

  17. To my eyes and ears this seems, quite obviously, to be a joke. What’s more, I think it mainly succeeds; rapping the entire song with snot dangling from your nose is comedy gold in my books, not to mention “you smell like a fart” delivered with dry nonchalance. I liked it, shamefully perhaps.

  18. 400 houses is, admittedly, pretty impressive. 400 mouses? Not so much… I doubt Jay-Z is loosing any sleep over that one

    • He’s got 400 houses and his runny nose ain’t fun. If you’re having mouse problems, I can loan you some, son.

    • I love that he runs out of stuff that rhymes with houses at 1, so he goes back to houses.

      Here’s a few for ya buddy:
      I got 400 blouses.
      … 400 grouses.
      … 400 spouses.
      … 400 louses.

      I mean, if he’s made out with all the women of the world, I’m pretty sure he’s come into contact with at least three of those.

  19. Looks like Han snot second.

  20. I think he may be stretching the truth on his wealth.

  21. The kid in the blue shirt reminds me of this:

  22. So this is obviously a very bad song/video, but was anyone else impressed that it wasn’t much worse?

  23. This is so “Hot Now”. (Krispy Kreme reference up in this bitch!) You know how Diddy Puff Sean Daddy Combs had that butler that shielded him from the sun with an umbrella? That’s what’s going on here with the silent rifle-holding boy, right? He’s the butler. That holds the guns. And counts all the 400s of things.

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