It’s hard being a kid. You have so many questions and almost all of them are so stupid, and the rest of them you can’t know the answer to yet because you’re only a kid. Rough. So you’re often left to your own mental devices, and those devices are often completely incapable of coming to any reasonable conclusions. For example, when I was a child I had a dream that I only had one eye. I remember this dream and it was incredibly traumatic because I was under the impression that the song “a dream is a wish your heart makes” was legit, and that I was legit going to lose an eye because that’s what my body wanted. WHAT A DUMMY! But a large part of being a child is being afraid of things you don’t understand. That’s why we’re all lucky to have artists like Peter Alsop, who write totally normal and cool and relaxed songs urging children to ask their parents the tough questions. But in a fun way!

It will be tough for those parents who aren’t particularly well versed in the decomposition and cremation processes, but it will certainly be a fun learning experience for everyone. R.I.P. Grandma! R.I.P. pets! R.I.P. me! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. This guy stole my idea of being taxidermied and dressed up to be used as a very fashionable chair or bar! I’m UPSET.

  2. Just gonna throw this out there, this is DEFINITELY where every kid wants to go when they die:

  3. Some of these suggesions are horrifying! Hang me on the porch? Sit me in the kitchen? What the heck!?!

  4. “But a large part of being a child is being afraid of things you don’t understand.”

    I think that’s also a large part of too many people’s adulthood.

  5. Glad Peter decided to change the title from it’s original “Where you will go when I murder you.”

  6. “Hi, mom! That funny man who hangs around school and sings silly songs asked me to be in a video he’s shooting at his house about stuffing dead bodies and arranging them in lifelike poses in his kitchen. Can I go? What? Yes, I’ll pick up a carton of Parliaments on the way back.” — The redhead kid.

  7. Wait, so which one is Peter Alsop?

  8. Ah Wonder Showzen, you’ve done it again!

  9. next track on this mix: Jeffrey Dahmer’s cover of “Heart of Gold”

  10. The girl who asked about cable TV in her coffin knows what’s up.

  11. This guy puts the Bop in Kidz Bop. BOP meaning Bureau of Prisons.

  12. If my body’s turned into smoke, and burned

    Will I make a tear in you eye ?

    Say what you like, but that’s a lyric worthy of Bill Callahan

  13. If my kid ever asked me this questions with this song, at least I’d have a response all ready to go:

  14. I wonder what other ‘not for kids’ subjects Peter Alsop gets kids to make videos about.

  15. I’m not the only one that saw him try to eat that fly at 1:15 right???? RUN KIDS! RUN!

  16. “Where Will I Go When I Die ?”
    Under my back porch with all the others.
    Unless you’re tasty. Then it’s the fridge for your head and the meat freezer in the garage for the rest of you.

  17. Is it weird that this seems familiar?

  18. I looooooooooooved Peter Alsop when I was a kid and saw him live several times no braggo.

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