No duh. From the AP:

Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who appeared in the Oscar-winning “The Artist,” has a memoir coming. Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced Friday that “Uggie: My Story” will come out in October. His tale of tails will be transcribed by biographer and presumed dog whisperer Wendy Holden.

Uggie’s other films include “The Descendants” and “Water for Elephants” so look for the inside doggie dish on George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon and others.

LOOK FOR THE INSIDE DOGGIE DISH (?!?!?!?!) ON GEORGE CLOONEY AND REESE WITHERSPOON! This is going to be a great book. Read the whole thing. Don’t skip any parts of this book. It’s called literature. #Birdie4GhostWriter

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  1. You’ll Never Eat Iams In This Town Again

  2. #Birdie4GhostWriter

  3. “Defeated and broken by the Hollywood system, Uggie had no choice but to go back to his roots…”

  4. (B)Arf.


  5. he’s gonna need to quit looking at me all smug like that.

  6. I hear there will be a whole chapter about every single one of George Clooney’s pranks he pulled on Uggie. Such as…

  7. i hope he gets into his bitter feud with Moose.

  8. Life is Ruff: The Uggie Story

  9. Late day BNPG? Dog Authors?

    Tom Wolfe

    Stephen King Corso

    Cormac McArfy

  10. Really surprised this blurb didn’t refer to something “being a bitch”. Kept it classy!

  11. I hate when dogs have more money then me (OK most dogs have more money then me).

  12. #Birdie4GhostWriter

    Oh, is Birdie still writing these days? Must not have noticed.

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