Here’s a quick overview of what the kids of today are into: low budget natural history exhibits in libraries, the band A-Ha!, soda fountains, jukeboxes, terrible green screen, dancing weirdly in study hall while people are trying to study, uhhh…a cafeteria full of women?, Leatherheads directed by George Clooney, horse drawn carts full of crates, women’s soccer, and swing dancing. Luckily, Benedictine University has it all! Strictly 4 tha kidz! (Thanks for the tip, Trey.)

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  1. Come Get Your Cumberbachelor’s Degree at Benedictine University!

  2. So that’s where Troy and Annie wound up after they left Greendale

  3. “i’m sorry, young man, but we have security footage of you snooping into a closed facility and stealing materials from one of the exhibits. your application has been denied and we will be filing charges. young lady, you have been pre-approved for a scholarship. allow me to finish filling this out for you. anyone every tell you that you have a pretty smile?”

  4. I may apply for their video production program. Seems pretty legit.

    • it’s a direct pipeline to Tim & Eric’s production company.

      • “Graduates of Benedictine University’s Video Production program enter the workforce with skills that directly apply to today’s highly aestheticized marketplace. Recent alumni have found work with both the unpredictable Tim & Eric and Anderson South Carolina’s Fashion Shack!”

  5. To be fair, according to the source this is supposed to be “a pictorial history of the school” in celebration of its 125th Anniversary, so it’s not meant to reflect what tha kidz are into these days. But since it’s not meant for tha kidz, who is it for? That I do not know. It made me smile, so maybe it’s meant for me? A target demographic of one. We are soulmates, Benedictine University and I.

  6. this is worse than the Buddy Guy/Umphrey’s McGee “supergroup’s” Chicago theme song.

  7. Nice job. Squiggly pencil marks = iconic music video.

  8. In reality they would have killed the black guy when they went to the first 50s photo, and the girl would have been straight-jacketed and institutionalized for hysteria at around the 1920s.

  9. Blossom called. She wants her flower hairpiece back!

  10. It’s a good, fun tribute to a-ha video.

  11. “who’s there?”

  12. These children need taught not to remove props from museum exhibit. Someone is going to be missing their DMT scrapbook.

  13. Holy crap, my hometown on Videogum! It’s like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!

  14. I’m glad the young woman was holding a “campus tour” sign at the beginning; this video would have meant nothing without context.

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