The funnest thing about this photo (which, to be completely honest, is currently only ranked as Modestly Fun according to the Real Fun Scale) is trying to guess which of the three of them actually initiated it. Is William Hung an alt-scene comedy fan? Does Louis C.K. love the blooper episodes of American Idol? Naturally, my money is on Barry. You can always count on it being Barry in these types of situations. (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. TODDY BARRY? Alright alright.

  2. Not to be one-uped Paul F. Tompkins just posted a picture of him, Nick Kroll, and Justin Guarini

  3. You know that pic is 8 years old because William Hung has a bigger gut than Louis in it.. Those days are over.

  4. Please use this photo as inspiration for the next “You Can Make It Up.”

  5. I’d rather talk about the pic posted previously by Kelly on Vgum showing Louis CK shaking hands with Madame Secretary Hillz and Amy Poehler smirking in the background. I love that photo!!!! Hillz has this look on her face like shes expecting a buzzer handshake prank. Haha. Oh, Louis. I love all those people!

  6. I’m curious if there’s a time when Todd Barry doesn’t have that smug look on his face. Also, is Louis CK still part of the “alt” scene? He is probably the biggest comedian in America right now.

    both of them are awesome/very funny by the way. just observations on my part. not judgments.

    • According to the liberal media Kevin Hart is the “biggest” comedian right now.

      Relative to the picture, my vote is that Louis CK actually thought the HBO show Hung was about William Hung, and wanting to get off the FX shit parade, decided to warm up to him at the airport. Todd Barry clearly just snuck in to the photo in that creepy stalkerish way that he tends to have about him. No one realized he was there until it was too late.

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