This is just a great article about a 92-year-old movie bootlegger who sends thousands of free DVDs to American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He uses the word “hoosegow”!

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  1. Way to snitch, New York Times!

  2. “So he got his hands on a $400 professional duplicator that made seven copies at once, grew his fingernails long to better separate the blank discs, and began copying hundreds a day.” Love this! The man is committed!

  3. I actually teared-up reading this article. What a nice old timer.

  4. Everyone who commented on that article on the NYT website saying he’s a criminal hurting the movie industry just make me sad. Are studios really losing potential sales here?

    You survived two (three, four, FIVE) tours overseas and you’re going to go purchase a copy of “The Artist” or some other movie that came out in the years you were gone? Bullshit.

    And the pop-up box telling me that the NYT will be lowering the number of articles you can read on their site for free from 20 to 10 per month? Good luck with that.

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