What’s always amazing about local commercials like this, just amazing every single time, is how the people who made them clearly have seen other commercials before and are mimicking bits and pieces from real commercials that they’ve seen as best they can, and yet at the same time you come away feeling like maybe they’ve never seen another commercial at all because how else to explain this OUTSIDER ART. In any case, see you guys at the Fashion Shack later today probably LOL. Please don’t buy ALL of the outfits. Some of us still need party outfits. For Jason’s party, no duh. HI JASON! Fashion. (Via GregRutter.)

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  1. “And all the names in the Mall We Can’t Call.” Is this a Harry Potter reference? The mall that shall not be named? Can someone explain thissssfffffffassssssionnnn shaaacccckkk.

  2. They had me at “ya’ll”.

  3. This commercial was directed by David Lynch in 1993, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

  4. 90% shack 10% fashion.

  5. At first I thought that this commercial was made in 1998. But after watching the whole thing… maybe it was actually made a few months ago?

  6. Not to be confused with Fashion Shaq:

  7. girls, why are you walking around barefoot on the sidewalk?? that is how you get hookworm!

  8. Is this the new Bon Iver single?

  9. They say they have fashion for the whole family, but all I see is one older dude and a bunch of 12-year-old girls.

  10. Is Jason a person they hate?

  11. “I can never find anything at the mall. Let’s go to the Fashion Shack, which carries only brands that can be found at literally any mall.”

  12. The blond one in 2050

  13. 1) Who is the creepy stalker camera man that keeps whispering “Fashion Shack” suggestively to those preteen girls?

    2) What the fuck kind of party is Jason having? They’re trying on bridal gowns, prom dresses, denim skirts (I think I saw a nurse’s outfit).

    3) Is Jason the dude who treats the aisle in the store like a runway? If so, A+ for sass, Jason. A+ for camera tricks, ya’ll.

    4) Why do some Southern states have to make all the other Southern states look like assholes? (I looking at you whichever of the Carolinas this production hails from.)

    • i mean, this doesn’t reaaaaally fall into the category of making southern states look like assholes. this comes from south carolina. i think the fact that the state is still debating whether or not to fly the confederate flag over part of the statehouse falls under “making the south look like assholes”. see also: continuously electing jim demint.

      • hi. i’m a south carolinian and I am ashamed of all of the above facts, but it would be nice if people didn’t automatically stereotype about everyone from my home state… also, I will personally vouch for the Fashion Shack because. IT. IS. AMAZING.

        • yep yep this exactly I’m from s. carolina and am wearing something from the fashion shack right now. Don’t let these h8rs get you down. Be proud of your palmetto roots!

      • Wait… is it cause DeMint caused the recession?

  14. Find me an actual 12-year-old girl who says “I can never find anything at the mall” and I’ll open a Fashion Shack franchise in my own town.

  15. They got so popular, they opened up a restaurant next door:

  16. I don’t know who Jason is, but i went to a few parties at that age, and unless his party is just what “upstaters” call Prom, those girls are going to be way overdressed.

  17. Was this commercial made in 2012? Or is it 1995 in Anderson, SC? This is like, some County Seat / DEB / Rave shit. I hope Jason’s party isn’t on a Friday night because I don’t want to miss Boy Meets World, Step By Step, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper on TGIF.

  18. “I know one of us has a personal stylist, and one of us buys their shit from the Fashion Shack.” – Kenny Powers

  19. I want the suit that guy’s wearing which changes into a different outfit every few steps and also makes it look like I’ve been cross-faded really badly.

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