• Here’s a first look at Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. It looks very westerny, spoiler alert. -FilmDrunk
  • Last night, Jimmy Fallon played charades with the cast of 30 Rock on Late Night. Some of them were good, some of them were bad! Are you exited for the live episode tonight? How many nip slips are you predicting? Multiple? -LateNight
  • Guess which baseball star said that Cameron Diaz was “probably one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever met, and just an amazing light.” Are you guessing? This is a fun game, right? Have a lot of guesses in mind? Ok, click away! -Dlisted
  • Speaking of baseball, want to get mad at a bunch of stupid jerks who take a foul ball away from a little kid who starts crying immediately? And then watch them take pictures with it? And be AWFUL? -TheDailyWhat
  • Last night on Conan, Conan and Andy said goodbye to Newt and Callista Gingrich. Goodbye, guys! We’ll miss you! Hope to see you soon! -Mediaite
  • The opening scene from The Dictator has been released online, for some reason! Want to watch it? You don’t have to, but don’t be ashamed if you do want to. Whatever floats your boat! -Deadline
  • Here is a video of a guy building a Star Trek phaser. Set phasers to NERD, right?! What a nerd! Everybody better build one of these Star Trek phasers and set it to nerd already because come onnnnn. -BuzzFeed
  • This is just a photo of Hillary Clinton meeting Louis CK. -RatsOff!
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  1. Ah, I don’t know about that foul ball situation. If I had to make a t-shirt to show which party I support there, my shirt would say “Team Adult.”

    • If that baby wanted the ball so badly he probably should have caught it.

    • you guys have just outed yourselves as heartless jerks.

    • Team Adult as well. Kid probably throws a tantrum when it’s his sisters birthday and she gets more presents than him.

      • Exactly. That kid is way too young to have any concept of how special it is to catch a foul ball. All he knows is there’s something he wanted that he didn’t get. Babies cry when that happens but they cry a lot so eventually he’ll realize that sometimes other people catch things and it’s disappointing when you also want it.
        Also there’s no way he’ll remember this as he grows up.
        Also the guys in the dugout gave him a ball later because he wouldn’t stop crying, so it’s fine.

    • Agreed. They have no obligation to give anything to any random baby nearby. If you had a winning lottery ticket, would you be called a heartless jerk if you didn’t hand it to the nearest minor who really wanted a winning lottery ticket? F that. Team Sugar Daddy.

    • On the topic of etiquette while attending a baseball game, why can grown adults not understand the concept of waiting to the end of a half inning to get up and/or come back from concessions? They end like every ten minutes! They aren’t going to run out of soft pretzels and beer!

  2. I prefer to think of the Louis CK picture as Dave and Leslie Knope meet a badass Secretary of State.

  3. This movie looks excellent! Holy cow, that Dicapprio can wear the heck out of a period costume. The first Django was SO good, I will be seeing this in theatres whether they let me live blog it or not.

  4. Is it just me or did the comments go back to normal? Now how will I know if I’m well-loved?

    • Is lil sebastian well-loved?

      Hot debate. What do you think?

    • We cried and begged and “I hate change”-ed enough that they finally really did turned the car around. Serves us right. I already miss seeing the separation of upvotes and downvotes, though.

      • I do miss the separation of upvotes and downvotes but it wasn’t worth that ugly format. And it looks like we can go further back into our old comments still so it sounds like a smashing success.

  5. Regarding The Dictator! ….Instead of “, for some reason! ” try “…for some reason…!” for better effect.

  6. I’m crossing my fingers and hope against hope that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Django character talks like Foghorn Leghorn.

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