In order for this to exist, someone had to come up with the idea, write the whole thing out, find other adults who agreed that this was a good idea and worth everyone’s time, secure financing, put a deposit down on a low-budget soundstage, cast a child actor, sew costumes, build a wishing well, find someone willing to play the fucking sunflower, borrow cameras, rehearse (just kidding about that one I think) and create an efficient production schedule to ensure the project came in on time and on budget, and tah-dah, this is what you get at the end of all that. (Finally, when they’ve wrapped the shoot and struck the set, someone probably had to sit his wife down at the kitchen table late one night and have a very open and honest discussion about the secret third mortgage he had taken out in order to bring his vision to VHS distribution. Tough stuff!) What I’m saying is anything we are even thinking about trying to accomplish today, we already knocked it out of the goddamned park. Congrats everybody!

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  1. Someone needs to tell him that moving side to side does not mean he is actually dancing.

  2. I can’t be the only one lulled into thinking we were going to see another Dance Magic Dance, right?

  3. This is one of those times where a little crippling self-doubt would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

  4. That kid, shortly after the director called it a wrap.

  5. This gave me a horrible flashback to a simiar…production…my sister and I were in. We were like 6 and 7 years old, and it was a Christmas themed show for the local PBS station. It had similarly cringe-worthy sets and the Blessed Virgin Mary was also the camera operator. Now that’s back in my head.

    • I’m very tempted here to talk about how I was a big part of that PBS production and how me and the Blessed Virgin Marry were really tight until she was stung by killer bees… but I won’t… I’ve learned my lesson….

  6. I would pay hundreds of dollars for that basset hound costume. Is it weird that’s what a took from that video?

  7. The best part is when he rhymes “beat” with “feet” — didn’t see that coming.

  8. What no one saw was the sunflower, in the corner, with a gun, silently urging them to keep dancing…

  9. The good news re: the budget — they appear to have gotten a great deal on solid-color sweatsuits.

  10. they clearly had to scale back on the backing track, all the way down to “Casio Keyboard Demo”

  11. Those Footloose auditions should have stayed locked in the vault.

  12. Everyone who was involved with this was really good at their jobs and CLEARLY cared alot about what they were doing.

  13. After all that effort and planning, what’s with the grunge/Tool Time styling of the lead?

  14. I think we’re all upset because this isn’t Dance Pants. But Troy is just going to have to stumble onto that one on his own.

  15. I understand that this video is meant for children and has been made in order to inspire self-confidence through rhythmic expressionism but frankly the only thing that this particular video has inspired, at least within myself, are new phantasmagoric nightmares concerning suburban dance-parties. Tonight, I fear sleep.

  16. I think this kid plays Keanu Reeves’ little brother in “River’s Edge”. That is an awesome movie. My friend has a copy signed by Crispin Glover, true story.

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