• Here’s a first look at the film adaptation of Life of Pi. Looks like a movie! (Or just a picture!) -SlashFilm
  • I know many of you had a slight problem with Downton Abbey‘s second season (I am only on episode two), and hey, guess what! So did Lady Cora! Is the problem that we never get a break from Thomas? Click to find out! -LATimes
  • Chelsea Peretti and Aziz Ansari have redone the poster of the very successful Think Like A Man, and their version of the poster is also very successful. Good jobs everyone! -AzizIsBored
  • People Magazine have announced the Most Beautiful Woman to match their Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Gosling Bradly Cooper and it is…Beyonce! Congratulations to Beyonce on what is I’m sure her most exciting achievement. -Dlisted
  • This is a video of one guy doing a medley of songs from Newsies, if you’re into that, I’m not sure if you are, but a few days ago I was out to dinner and a woman sitting near me described Newsies to her friend as “An old-school musical from, like, the ’90s.” And this lady was not particularly young! Can you believe it? Can you believe what I heard at dinner? -TheDailyWhat
  • Would you like to watch a preview of Community‘s “Law and Order” theme episode? If so, you can watch one here! Oh, great! -TVLine
  • Hey, they fixed Bane’s voice! That’s good news for anyone who wanted to understand what he was saying! -HuffingtonPost
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  1. Did they fix Bane’s voice by making him speak Spanish? Because otherwise, it’s not REALLY fixed.

    • Everybody knows Bane was raised in a fictional Spanish-speaking country’s prison, but did you know his father is British?

      It’s also worth pointing out that the article states that Bane is easier to understand in the NEW SCENE that was shown, but there is no confirmation that they’ve done anything new to his voice, and that opening scene played before MI:GP may still sound exactly the same.

      Guess we’ll find out at some point. Probably when the reviews for the entire film hit the web.

  2. Dear god. Community plus Law and Order? This is a gift from the gods. At the restaurant I work at, my boss and I regularly act out Law and Order scenes (he enjoys walking around the kitchen, doing random things, shouting out orders, while saying things like, “Yeah, Danny, I knew him. He left here about a week ago, some big fight with his lady.”) and are both Community lovers.

    • i will take the opposite point of view to say, “really?! c’mon!”

      remember when Community was a hilarious show that didn’t have to rely on parody in every episode?

      Before you downvote, hear me out…

      The first season they justifiably mocked Glee and now it’s slowly turning into it – a show where people hear they’re making an X themed episode and then everyone gets excited to speculate on how they’re going to do it, etc. etc. and then it’s just a pop-culture recycling TV version -albeit, much, much better version – of Friedberg & Stelzer movies.

      is anyone else troubled and kind-of annoyed by this?

      • Sort of, yeah, but I feel like the first episodes this season have been when they tried to do something different.

        • well, that’s the appeal of doing “themed” episodes – that it’s “something different” every time. and I’m growing annoyed with it.

          personally, the episodes I remember liking best didn’t rely on “themes” muscling their way in….like the billiards episode.

  3. Beyonce is very pretty, but also a KNOWN member of the Illuminati.

    Does this meant the Illuminati control People Magazine? (Yes.) And if so, is this why Bradley Cooper won last year? And furthermore is this why People Magazine is sold at the Denver International Airport, a KNOWN temple to the Illuminati? (Yes.)

  4. huffington post has a headless teaser shot with the “Peoples Sexiest Woman…” headline…aaaaaaaaand it looks like they picked one to make B seem……white.

  5. I like that the “Beauty at Every Age” on that People Magazine cover has a picture of Adele. Who is, what, 22? 23? At least they didn’t comment on her size.

  6. i didn’t know other people didn’t like the 2nd season of Downton Abbey. It was not very good, and I don’t even remember why anymore, outside of the fact that it spans like a 9 year period and nobody ages or changes their life drastically or moves or dies, except for somebody who went to war.

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