This seems like a great opportunity for beautiful young women to enjoy the traveling experiences of their dreams in a completely safe, respectful, legitimate, and FUN way. After Miss Travel has paired you with a doctor or a billionaire and confirmed your reservation, you just show up at 11PM at 456 Rape Street and ring the bottom buzzer. Everyone will make so many jokes about how it’s called Rape Street and how uncomfortable that makes everyone and oh my God, I know, who names a street Rape Street are you kidding? Then you’ll be handed a glass of champagne that is definitely champagne and nooooo, not all champagne has bubbles in it so just drink your champagne. Then it’s down into the basement because that’s where the airplanes are, silly! Are you nervous about this trip? So is he! Don’t bother packing any luggage, you’ll just buy all of the things that you need at a luxury store once you get to Caruba! Miss Travel also suggests that you leave your wallet, portable phone, and dental records at home because you simply won’t need them! Now, beautiful young ladies, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with a wealthy man of your dreams. This is going to be very real. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. I tried visiting Miss Travel’s website but it just redirected me to the crime library. Weird.

  2. New Tag Line: It’s like Pretty Woman, but with planes!

  3. but where does an UNattractive young MAN go to get raped? miss travel you will be hearing from my lawyers

  4. Sure, you just have to travel with this guy:

  5. Miss(ing person) Travel

  6. To be fair, not all men who use this are going to be rapists. I once had a boss who met women online and flew them out to visit him in Italy, and I sincerely doubt he would have raped anybody. He was just a lonely dude. Of course, it ended up that the girl took the plane tickets and went to Italy, but did not meet him at the airport as she had promised. This happened twice.

    Basically, SOMEBODY is going to be awful in this deal, it just doesn’t always have to be the guy.

    • I agree. It’s sort of like what Annie did on 90210 this season (yes, I watch – don’t judge!). And her whole frat burned down because the feds were investigating prostitution, but really they were just doing this kind of geisha shit.

  7. So now hanging around hotel bars isn’t good enough for these women? Stuck up bitches, I tell ya.

  8. For once I feel like I didn’t miss anything by watching without sound. It seemed as much like an ad for an international human trafficking ring to me as it did to the rest of you!

    • Does it count as human trafficking if membership is voluntary?

      • It’s a grey area like that German dude who let himself be cannibalized by answering the SKSV (Serial Killers Seeking Victim) ad.

      • I wish they had a commercial that was honest about their intentions. “Are you attractive? Do you like to travel? All you have to do is sleep with a bunch of men! They won’t be as hot as these cartoon guys, but they sure will be rich! Sign up now, and you’ll be eligible for frequent prostitute miles!”

    • To be absolutely fair, this ad did not promise a job as a domestic. Also, hopefully nobody’s passport will be confisicated.


  9. Rape Island: A Travel Love Story

  10. I’m assuming I’m not the only who can see the software updates? If so, I’m not really digging the like/dislike in two different places for each comment. Also, I think a graphical representation of thumbs up/down is probably enough, as in, I can usually tell what those mean. Which reminds of those signs you see on the street showing you where the library is, you know the ones, with the outline of a person reading a book. Why do they need a picture to show you where the library is? If you can’t read the word library, I’m guessing you’re probably not on your way to the library.

  11. These two images are all I noticed.

  12. Katherine Chloe Cahoon, you have met your match.

  13. …they find them online and ask them to go on vacation.

  14. Man this site sounds awful. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some travel arrangement emails with strange rich men to check.

  15. What, you think those 2-for-1 drink coupons are gonna spend THEMSELVES?

  16. Life is short! Much shorter if you use!

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