Each year, Forbes puts out a list of the year’s top 15 richest fictional characters. They have fun. Somehow this year’s list still includes characters like Jed Clampett, but it also includes The Earl of Grantham and Tywin Lannister! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FICTIONAL FRIENDS!

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  1. They forgot to include “Facetaco, when attempting to impress the ladies.”

  2. I like how Glomgold is glaring at Smaug. Next year may be your year, Glomgold (JK there is literally no chance, not with Smaug’s coffers expected to be bolstered by the Hobbit release)

  3. Spoiler alert, but, aren’t Smaug and Charles Foster Kane dead, according to their respective literary works? Hard to enjoy a $63 billion hoard in dragon heaven! Especially if it was raided by dwarves and the men of Dale!

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