Believe me, we’d all love to bury our heads in our empty potato chip bags, refuse to let strangers help us out of them, and let the world pass by without us if only for one day. You have to understand, though, that that is just out of the question. It’s Monday, the beginning of a brand new week, and we all have our own responsibilities to take care of. Don’t think of it as the end of the brief period of time during the week when you’re allowed to just stick your head in an empty potato chip bag and forget about your non-bag troubles — think of it as the beginning of the longer period of time during the week when you’re able to actually DO something. Sculpt your own life! Make a difference! Let that man get you the heck out of that bag and GET TO WORK! (Via Abroath.)

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  1. Fun fact: In Finnish, the word for bag is “pussi.” Thus, when you buy a large bag of chips, the packaging proudly proclaims “megapussi.”

    Another fun fact: This squirrel has his head stuck in a megapussi.

  2. It’s Monday, stop being frightened of Squirrels, of all things. Come on. I count only 4 legs.

    • The squirrel is the raccoon’s dim-witted suburban cousin. That alone makes them terrifying.

      • Sure, but the raccoon has giant finger sized hooked claws that could scratch deep, plus fanged teeth. So while clearly cuddly, I wouldn’t risk taking a potato chip bag off one’s head for many dollars.

        Whereas the squirrel I would risk cuddling for free if I could ever catch one. Tiny but sharp claws, sure, but that’s what Tetanus shots are for.

          • Well, I wouldn’t trust any Russian animals, let alone squirrels, because of many reasons, the primary reason being that America! What a country. In Mother Russia, Squirrel kill dogs.

          • In Mother Russia, squirrels run out of pinecones and just start devouring much larger animals. That shit is terrifying, and don’t even think American squirrels wouldn’t do the same. That’d be like if I ran out of Funyuns and just decided that fuck it, I’m gonna eat my neighbor instead.

          • Haha, seriously, I want to travel to Russia so badly, it’s where my family’s from way way back, so I guess there’s that whole “seeing where your ancestors were from thing” but I’m also so frightened of everyone and everything there.

            Pro tip #1: Never run out of Funyuns.

            Pro tip #2: Never be in Russia.

          • Facetaco: ixnay on the eighbornay. I thought we already discussed not talking about you theoretical culpability in your theoretical neighbor’s theoretical disappearance on the internet. Honestly, it’s like you want to be caught. Theoretically.

            That does remind me to double check on that order for a lifetime’s supply of funyuns….

  3. awww, you mean the squirrel didn’t claw into the guys face? well there goes 2 minutes of my day.

  4. I volunteered for community service through my work to help out with “beautifying” an elementary school in North Hollywood! I volunteered to help with the painting of murals. This decision was purely driven by getting out of my apartment for a change. Very selfish.

  5. I think if this dude was on the plane, he really would have stopped 9/11.

  6. This is our generation’s yogurt cups.

  7. Poor little squirrel, must have also just seen Girls.

  8. True Story: my old boyfriend was about to enjoy a snicker’s bar after a class at UT Austin and a squirrel came hopping down the ledge as he was tearing off the wrapper. The squirrel saw him, jumped off the ledge and onto his hand. He tried to shake him off but the little guy wouldn’t let go. Finally he threw him to the ground and they had a face off. He went left the squirrel moved to block. He went right. Same thing. Finally he threw it down on the ground and the Squirrel took off with it. He met up with his friends and his hands and forearms were scratched to shreds. The moral of the story is: squirrels are kind of assholes.

  9. If this were really a Philly squirrel, it would have gotten its head stuck in a Tastykake wrapper.

  10. It’s Always Sun Chips in Philadelphia #tvsnackfood

    Probably not a Best New Party Game. More like a Monday Morning Party Game.

  11. And that’s why your favorite barrista was late for work today.

  12. If you turn up the volume you can hear a tiny voice saying, “Leave me alone, I’m trying to get rid of hiccups.”

  13. Nice deed by a big pussy..

  14. For me, this video is less “squirrel has head stuck in bag” and more “adult human is terrified of squirrels.”

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