Terrific food. Real people. Normal people. The room where Jack threw that party. Blueberries. A secret cave on vacation. Have the steak wink wink OR THE DUCK! Hahahahha. Close your eyes and put your finger down and pick SOMETHING, picky. The smells. Lick the plate while she’s in the bathroom. (200) Tables of Weddings. Brunch?! Magical. He’ll definitely be back. He’ll definitely be back. (Via RobertPopper.)

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  1. The Place: Where the 1% like to pretend they’re just in the 10%.

  2. “Hey, so we’re already a New York Magazine Critics’ Pick and got a very positive Zagat Guide review. What can we do to fuck up the cache of this charming little West Village restaurant?” – The Owners

  3. “You’re gonna have the steak, aren’t you.”


  4. The Place: The food’s great, but our customers are absolutely insufferable.

  5. Wow, no wonder so many people live in New York!

  6. The transcription of this commercial would sound exactly like a vgum spammer comment

    • I feel the exact same way LOL! I met my spouse or significant other at tehplace.com, a restaurant on the actual internet! Great for Bar Mitzvahs, couples dining, weddings, satanic rituals, Free Mason Gatherings, birthday parties, whatever you’re into! I hope everyone finds as much happiness at tehplace.com as I and my spouse or significant other have. We will definitely be back!

  7. Ah, yes…the Argentine arugula

  8. Sophie and Ben are going to make it. I got a good feeling about those two.

  9. Opening up two windows on my computer, and playing this video on mute while Mel Gibson screams “EAT! EEAATTTTTT!” over and over again from the other video really improves the salesmanship of the advertisement and makes me want to try their pasta primavera. Oh, and by ‘try their pasta primavera’ I mean convulse.

  10. I got excited until I watched the video and it confirmed that it wasn’t a Lost themed restaurant.

  11. [img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lhkh5oqfa31qbey65o1_500.gif"]

    “Are you being sarcastic dude?” – Me
    “I don’t even know anymore” – This video

  12. These are the type of people who come back from St. Barth’s and tell you the food is good and reasonably priced.

  13. I am using this video from now on to define Uncanny Valley.

  14. I can’t wait until that adorable couple is profiled in the Style Section, though I get the feeling he reaches for the Magazine Section first…

  15. this was really creepy. i think it’s the weird camera angles, that guy’s creepy stare/smile, and the maniacally laughing ladies

  16. more like Robert Diner Jr.

  17. That part at the end where she says, “You already said that!” and the smile he gives her makes me feel she’s going to be locked in the cellar again.

    Fun story time! I read about the Place years ago when I wanted to find a romantic place with my now-ex bf and I wore a pair of black shoes that I thought looked great, but were a size too small, so after dinner (which I would describe as “Fine!” and “Okay!”), we walked along the Hudson as my heels started bleeding profusely due to a horrible blister. We saw that they were playing the SpongeBob Movie outdoors (for children), and my ex loved that show, so we sat to watch and it was just stupid and my feet were bleeding so badly. It was awful. This awful commercial triggered my memories of that whole night, so actually that was a terrible story.

    More like AttilatheRobertDownerJr, ammirite?

  18. I like that name better than what I named my restaurant, Building With Food In It.

  19. The new Facebook logo is pretty cool.

  20. I have a hard time believing that anyone enjoys working in a restaurant more than I do, which is not at all. If such a mythical creature exists, I haven’t encountered it. Sure, some people are better at making the best of it than others, but it’s usually a fragile facade.

    Maybe these people in the ad really are as happy to be doing what they’re doing as they want you to believe. Maybe the forced smiles and general air of artificiality is due to their being uncomfortable on film. Maybe they don’t really have cattle prods shoved up their asses. Or maybe this is actually a commercial for a parallel universe in which restaurants aren’t blasted psychological hellscapes populated by the husks of dreamers. Or maybe, drugs. “Come for the duck, stay for the ether!”

    But if none of those possibilities are, in fact, the case, then I’m left bewildered anew at our need to make shoving food into our faces a magical experience. It’s a sometimes pleasurable necessity but it’s also super fucking gross. Who wants to sit across from someone and watch them consume what will eventually, inevitably, become shit? Even if your date is really pretty and the wine is awesome and you’re enjoying a nice buzz, there are so many other, less disgusting things you could be doing together. Rather than just devouring like sedentary shit conversion machines. And why do people walk into restaurants with such big, shit-eating grins on their faces? Like, “Hey, wow, aren’t you guys lucky to have me here. Now you get to watch me perform in public an activity that if we were a civilized society we would perform in private!” In my utopia, we would all scuttle back to our own little caves when we were hungry and gnaw the bones of our kill in shame and secrecy. Back to the caves, humanity! You got it all wrong!


  21. I was seriously expecting “An SNL Digital Short” to suddenly pop up after the first 10 seconds.

  22. I hope they have statistics for every table and customer interaction that’s ever happened there. “29 people have gotten food poisoning at this table since 2002,” etc.

    And that name is an Abbot and Costello routine waiting to happen.

    P.S. – Thought the guy was hot! Call me!

  23. Are you on vacation or are you transported to another world? WHICH IS IT?

  24. Its nice to see Tommy Wiseau getting commercial work.

  25. I’m not sure how you can be that far off on how humans interact with one another.

  26. There is something unsettling about the way the “first time customer” couple is sitting on the steps outside for the interview bits. The way he is sitting below her makes him look tiny (I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but his head looks much smaller than hers too). That plus the way he keeps looking up at her makes me feel like it’s a mother/son relationship or teacher/student or something strange like that…

  27. This is the inverse of the Mr. Spriggs BBQ commercial.

  28. “Honey, what’s the name of that restaurant that we went to where we were going to skip dessert, but then we remembered that it was a commercial and we had to have dessert or that wouldn’t pay us for our cute anecdotes about how the arugula reminded us of Argentina (but not the steak, god forbid)? Yeah, the one where all the ladies were having cocktails and laughing because they showed them the commercial and they thought that it was a really funny parody of the restaurant? No? I can’t remember what it was called, either. It was okay. But that waiter didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about.”

  29. I actually love “the place.” My first thought was that this video would drive people away so it won’t be so crowded…. But I remembered it’s ny and will probably draw hoardes of ironic hipsters instead. Double ugh.

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