At the next level, Michelle will use some of your defining characteristics to describe the main character in her next book, and the main character’s name will rhyme with your name. In addition to this, she’ll describe the character’s physical traits as slightly more attractive than your own, so you could imagine what it would be like if you were a slightly more attractive version of yourself!

At the next level, Michelle will not only use some of your defining characteristics and slightly better looking physical traits to describe the main character, BUT SHE’LL ALSO include an enemy of your choice, describing them as slightly worse looking than they actually are, while using their REAL name.

At the next level, you’ll get everything Michelle just mentioned PLUS while she’s visiting your city on tour, you’ll wear matching outfits, go to the nearest mall or mall equivalent, and try to convince people that you’re twins!

At the next level, you’ll get everything she just mentioned PLUS she will sign a photograph of the celebrity of your choosing & you can tell her your biggest secret, NO JUDGING/TELLING AUTHORITIES ALLOWED!

(Thanks for the tip, Dan!)

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  1. Is this a scam or is this promotion on the… um… ummmmm…. Damn, I had something for this.

  2. The Skype Chat’s only $100!!! (

    If the Monsters pooled some money together…

  3. And at the final level, you’ll use all your skills you’ve acquired throughout the Kickstarter to fight Michelle Maddow on the roof of her castle.

  4. More like Michelle Madowner, jr.

  5. how many levels until we get the kill screen?

  6. From Amazon: “Michelle Madow was inspired to write Remembrance after seeing Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ music video while a junior at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. The song and video gave her the story idea about a high school girl reincarnated from Regency Era, England.”

    What level do I have to sign up for to travel back in time and make sure the Taylor Swift “Love Story” video never got made?

  7. That’s some next level shit right there.

  8. I think she means “circle,” not “level,” and there are only nine of them (though if anyone could add a couple more, it might be her).

  9. @1:05: So this is apparently the kind of “book” that has “agknowledgments.”

    This definitely embiggens the level to which I’ll be contributing.

  10. …And at the next level, we will ascend to the kingdom of Gorgax, mighty and awesome star-eater, and we will feast on the bodies of quasar scorpions.

  11. Rhyme a character’s name with “Elizabeth,” Michelle. Do it.

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