This is a newly released first look at Anthony Hopkins in the role of Alfred Hitchcock from the upcoming film about the making of Psycho (called Hitchcock) and, my goodness, someone did a VERY GOOD JOB of making him look like Alfred Hitchcock! (A much better job than someone did making Toby Jones look like Alfred Hitchcock for the competing Hitchcock film That Girl.) (Not that their portrayal is terrible, by any means.) (But just.) (Eeek Toby Jones as Hitchcock!) Just classic Hitchcock all over the place in this pic. It’s as if it is a photo of Alfred Hitchcock, but instead it is not a photo of Alfred Hitchcock, and it is a photo of Anthony Hopkins. “If they can create photorealistic dinosaurs for Jurassic Park 5, apparently they can also create photorealistic Alfred Hitchcock face out of Anthony Hopkins’ face.” – Gab Delahane. I can’t wait to hear his Alfred Hitchcock VOICE! (Click through to enlarge.) (Via Collider.)

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  1. But would his silhouette nestle precisely within Minnesota’s Eastern border like Hitchcock’s does?

  2. Sure, but can they make him look like a puppy?

  3. More like Anthony Hopcock!

  4. “Amateur.”
    -Andy Serkis

  5. Looks awesome, but I must say I would have liked to see what Drake could do with that role.

  6. Once, many years ago, I somehow convinved my grandmother that Anthony Hopkins got into the role of Hannibal Lecter so much that he now refused to play any parts that aren’t cannibals. I don’t know why she would have believed me about that, but I can’t wait until she learns that Alfred Hitchcock enjoyed feasting on human remains.

  7. Poor Toby Jones. Always the biopic bridesmaid, never the biopic bride.

  8. and with that, Mad Men’s double chin make up artist just got fired.

  9. solid casting. I hope this translates on screen too.

  10. I imagine that Hopkins’ Hitchcock voice will probably sound almost exactly like his regular Welsh accent, with an occasional attempt at upper-class English. That’s just my guess, though.

  11. I would just like to be THAT PERSON and let you all know that my best friend/roommate from college is on the casting team for this movie. So good job to my friend! She is very good at what she does!

    Also, I hate her when she texts me that she is ya know, no big deal, just reading through scripts with Helen Mirren and SIR Anthony Hopkins. And that he told her to call him Anthony. Especially because I am sitting in a cubicle in Minneapolis right now.

  12. wait, wait, wait…. there’s a Jurassic Park 5?!?!?!?!?!

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