• Darren Aronofsky is going to make a biopic about George Washington. But who will play George Washington? Natalie Portman? Mila Kunis? VINCENT GALLO? -Variety
  • Would you like to watch a clip from the new Comedy Bang Bang TV show, featuring Zach Galifianakis? I assume that you do. You’re going to enjoy it! -Vulture
  • And do you want to watch a sneak peak at IFC and Kurt Braunholer’s Bunk? Featuring PUPPIES? (And also comedians?) (That you like?) Yes, doy, you do. -KurtBraunohler
  • Speaking of the Muppets (earlier we spoke of them) (Gabe did), Jason Segel is still not going to be in the next movie. Remember how he has only ever said that he’s not going to have anything to do with it? That’s still true! -ThePlaylist
  • Here is some Arrested Development/Netflix news, if you want it! -WarmingGlow
  • Attn. Nerdies: Joss Whedon has hinted at a Buffy spinoff! Is it about how Angel joined a punk band and went back in time? Click to find out! -TheDailyWhat
  • And, finally, here is a clip of Werner Herzog talking about when he discovered that John Waters was gay. Just the best. -FilmDrunk
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  1. “I have cherry trees that chop themselves!” -Vincent Gallo as George Washington

  2. Aronofsky doing a Washington biopic? I didn’t even Washington killed himself.

  3. I’m getting worried about Kelly’s infatuation with Vincent Gallo, you guys. I really am.

    • her infatuation with Vincent Gallo is only rivaled by Vincent Gallo’s infatuation with Vincent Gallo.

    • Have you ever heard his album When? That and Buffalo 66 are the reasons I can’t dismiss him. If nothing else, he’s served as an important figure in the “do I need good artists to be good people” debate that runs through my head more often that it probably should.

      • I can’t describe how gross he is in real life. I really cannot. Just trust me. Gross. Gross and creepy.

        • I know, I know. I once met him (very) briefly when he toured Japan, and that was ebough. His guitarist was friend, and oh man the stories he told me. But still, I love that album and that movie. Maybe I need help.

      • if you want to get into that, we can…

        personally, I think it matters how much of one’s self is in the movie. clearly someone like Vincent Gallo, or a Quentin Tarantino, it is impossible to separate the art from the artist. But, in the case of someone like Roman Polanski or just a known asshole like Billy Bob Thornton, their work is a little less an extension of their personality, so it’s easier to disassociate it from their crimes – in these cases, an actual crime and a misanthropic jerk.

        • Which actual crime?

        • I maintain my position that art is not artists, and that all art is the product of someone who 1) feels the need to share something they made and 2) feels that the thing they made is something people should see/hear/experience.

          All art is selfish. It’s the most selfish thing.

          There should be no surprise that an artist is a self-absorbed greasy weirdo. Or a criminal. Or a loser. Or whatever it is everyone thinks Ricky Gervais is these days. To consume art is to forgive the creator. Or ignore them. Either way, they could not be less involved in your enjoyment of a thing they made.

          • that is a very Herzog-ian perspective.

          • Polanski is the greatest weirdest most criminal example maybe (or Phil Spector?) and I love the things he’s made. It makes literally no difference to me what he does. Do I want to contribute to his wealth as an individual human being? Not really. But you know who ended up a rich asshole despite being a terrible person? everyone.

          • Please read everything I write from now on in Werner’s voice. Thank you.

          • I’m with you, freshie. Well said!

          • I don’t disagree with any of this. Woody Allen is a great example of this as well.

            However, Vincent Gallo checked me out HARD on the street in 2000 or 2001 and I have never felt more violated in my life by a mere long intense gaze by a stranger. I wanted to take a shower and get checked out for STDs bc it was just… shudder. And I was a fan up until that point. Buffalo ’66 is a good movie.

            That Brown Bunny and the rest of his oeuvre followed shortly after only served to further confirm my suspicions that he was ICKY. And crazy. And I was right in walking away quickly.

          • i’m generally with you Freshie, but I just think in certain cases its nearly impossible to separate the two, so if you hate the person, there is no getting over it and appreciating their art.

            i have a bartender friend who had a horridly awful experience when John Cusack came into her place of business one night and therefore, can’t let it go when watching his movies – which she no longer does.

          • You are in Chicago, right? I have heard NOTHING but bad stuff about Cusack from Chicago bartenders…

  4. Would I like to watch a clip from the new Comedy Bang Bang TV show, featuring Zach Galifianakis? WOULD I?!

  5. For Mr. Aronofsy’s consideration:

    If she is unavailable, Conan O’Brien would be a suitable runner-up.

    • she was so good as harry potter I didn’t even realize it was her!

    • The first time I saw Tilda was in Constantine as the angel Gabriel, and I was completely locked in on her androgynous features that were accentuated in the film, so much so that it took half of her first scene for me to determine with modest certainty that she was female.

      She would make a great Washington, Silver Surfer, Galadriel, Cloud Strife, Teddy Roosevelt, Greek Siren, real-life Moebius drawing, Smaug, Ripley-esque space marine, Lady Godiva, housewife, breadwinner, etc etc.

      • She’s amazing in the first Lion, Witch and Wardrobe movie too. She’s just an amazing actress. The kid has moxie, I think she’s going to be a star…

        • Oh! Looking at her imdb, I actually saw her in two films prior to Constantine without noticing her at the time— ‘Vanilla Sky’ and ‘Adaptation.’ I don’t remember her in either of them, BUT- it’s been a while. Saw Broken Flowers. Don’t remember her in it. Narnia 1, 2 & 3, of course. Narnia was where I finally took notice, in that I was like, “Oh! It’s Gabriel from Constantine!”

          Then after that I’ve always noticed her or gone to films explicitly because it looks good and Tilda’s all up in it. Burn After Reading. We Need To Talk About Kevin (which I need to see again, because I missed about 45 minutes of the middle chunk).

          I Still haven’t seen The Curious Mr. Buttons, Michael Clayton, Julia, I Am Love, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing her in Moonrise Kingdom, especially.

      • I have been heading a grassroots campaign for her to play David Bowie, if there is ever a David Bowie biopic. It’s the role I was born to watch her play!

      • have you seen I Am Love? or Julia? probably 2 of her best performances and completely overlooked movies.

        • I love I Am Love. I thought it was awesome, and she was absolutely fantastic. I have not seen Julia yet, but it is on my list. (Everything with Tilda Swinton is on my list. I have no regrets)

          • I have not seen I Am Love yet, although it’s been sitting in my Netflix Instant queue for a while, and I recently scanned through it because on a recent episode of Julie Klausner’s podcast ‘How Was Your Week’— where Julie will occasionally gush about Tilda— she casually threw out that Tilda puts her bits on full display in I Am Love, and more power to her because she’s DOING IT (jumping into life)!

            I’ll be checking it sooner than later.

      • “real-life Moebius drawing”

        You’re the coolest person ever! ::swoon::

  6. I would watch a show about Giles. Giles is the best.

  7. Would love to see a movie about George Washington where he clones himself and the clones are played by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Rad fantasy.

  8. John Waters is gay?

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