You see that he is a baby, right? JUST PUT HIM IN THE CHAIR! (Via Buzzfeed.)

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  1. I refuse to believe that is anything but cgi. It has monster arms. This has to be viral marketing for something stupid.

    • Babies have monster everything. Babies are barely human lumps of flesh that grow into oddly shaped monster terrors. One of the oddest experiences of my life was loving immediately upon it coming home from the hospital, one of those barely human lumps of flesh.

  2. This is a Toddlers & Tiaras spinoff, Toddlers & Testosterone.


  4. Ugh, why would anyone even want one of these? It’s an anamatronic doll, yes? Mr. Push Up?

  5. yeah, he’s not doing that for his health. i hope uses his new upper body strength to teach his parents a lesson. a shovey kind of lesson….or maybe a stop-hitting-yourself kind of lesson. “YOU MADE ME DO THIS! Oh, you’ll put down the camera now! Do you think I LIKE hitting you…with your own hand?”

  6. I could crank out pull-ups all day too if 85% of my body weight was in my cranium.

  7. “No one puts baby in the chair!”

  8. More like Pull UPPER, Jr!

  9. I was going to post a pic of “Pull Ups” brand diapers for toddlers and make some comment about a new marketing campaign, but all those packages have pics of toddlers on the can, and I don’t feel like going to jail today.

  10. I like that Phil Harris is on his workout mix

  11. Someone should post that gif of the robot baby sitting on the counter and combusting into flames. I have no idea what thread it’s in, but that’s a damn fine gif and pretty apropros if I do say myself!

    Also, that dog needs some attention. Poor dog. Baby snatched it all up.

  12. terrible form, baby. you’re gonna pull a muscle.

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