We have thrilled to the excitement of the Saw roller-coaster and fallen in love on the Twilight cruise, but now it is time to fall in love on the Saw cruise (still no word on thrilling to the excitement of the Twilight roller-coaster #TEAMLoopDeeLoop). How romantic. Do you think he’s going to propose?! WE ARE GOING ON THE SAW CRUISE THIS WEEKEND DO YOU THINK HE’S GOING TO PROPOSE?! I wonder if he’s going to propose! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! BRIDEZILLAS!!!!!!! From Collider:

The Carnival Glory will be outfitted to host the ultimate Saw fan experience. Leaving New York City on Saturday, August 11th, docking in Saint John, NB, Canada on the 13th, in Halifax, NS, on the 14th, and returning to New York on the 16th, the event boasts a slew of Saw-centric events. Hoffman himself, Costas Mandylor, will be on board as well as a few other familiar faces including Mark Rolston of Saw 5 and 6 and Ned Bellamy of the original film. You know, the guy who took a pair of drills to the neck!

Excuse me, but did you say Mark Rolston from Saw 5 and 6 was going to be on the cruise? BECKY HE IS TOTALLY GOING TO PROPOSE! This is definitely the ultimate Saw fan experience. Halifax on the 14th! The midnight buffet serves prime rib, bear traps, glass skull cages, and waffles! But wait, will the ship have any lounges and bars and nightclubs? WILL IT HAVE A GYM?!

A couple of purchase options are already sold out, but there is a bunch that’s still available. Regardless of which room you go for, you get access to the 22 lounges and bars, nightclubs, gym, shops and restaurants as well as pictures with the Saw stars, have the chance to attend Saw screenings, participate in a Saw trivia contest and, for the inked fans out there, compete in a Saw tattoo contest.

Oh phew. 22 lounges and bars. WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK HE WILL USE TO PROPOSE?! Better hit the gym double-time if you’re going to fit into that BLOOD-STAINED WEDDING DRESS.

How did you guys meet?

SawKCupid. Love this cruise. Take your kids. Renew your vows on the Saw cruise. Mark Rolston from Saw 5 and 6 can officiate. Don’t jump over the railing.

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  1. Well, it’s official. They’ve managed to make cruises worse than they already were. Congrats everyone!

  2. Will it be in 3D?

  3. I always heard that Carnival Cruises were torturous anyway.

  4. You didn’t even mention the best part! They’re also going to have “the very sexy Anne Greene (who played “Dina“ in the opening scene in SAW 3D.”


  5. As part of a deal between the two companies, the next Saw movie will be Carnival-themed.

  6. I hereby officially volunteer to Take One For The Team and go on the Saw cruise for your collective amusement. I won’t pay for the cruise myself or anything, but I’ll totally write it up for free.

  7. Kelly is totally going to go on this cruise, just on the offchance that Scott Patterson (AKA Luke Danes) of Saws IV-VI will be there.

  8. Well this has to be slightly better than the Human Centipede cruise that Royal Caribbean is running next month.

  9. I can’t wait to play Saw: The Cruise: The Movie: The Game!!

  10. This needs a little LDR. Best I can do:

  11. Kind of unrelated, but I was just thinking of puns to post and realized that “Jigsaw” contains the word “Saw”

    My mind is easily blown.

    • Holy cow dude! It also has the word JIG in it?!?! And IGSA!!!! I’m dieing!!!! Quick someone cut my eyes out and remove the key to the part of my brain that finds words in things!!!!

  12. Still sounds more fun than the 311 Cruise.

  13. Next up: Leprechaun themed tour of Ireland w/ Ice-T and Jennifer Aniston! Every gets an authentic “pot o’ gold” at the end.

  14. “I want to embark on a game.”

  15. Halifax? at least the Drag Race cruise is going on a warm MAYAN ADVENTURE! huh…it goes during December….and is even taking you to ‘End of the World Mayan Cities of Uxmal & Chichen Itza’…. is this how it all ends? Well, let’s fuck like it is! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

  16. No dice, SAW cruise.

    I won’t even get out of bed and into your cruise unless you can promise me major appearances by the film’s original cast members Cary “As You Wish” Elwes, Danny “Gettin’ Too Old For This Cruise” Glover, Ken “Miles Straum” Leung, Michael “I’m Sorry, John” Emerson, and Monica “Blonde, Bizarro Julia Roberts” Potter.

    At least that way if the cruise hits an iceberg giant floating trash heap the size of the Texas, we can at least have a L O S T 2.0 kind of thing happen.

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