Haha. AWWWWW! Parents just don’t understand, right, Robert Downey Jr.? Poor guy. He’s been up there all day and didn’t even touch the pb&j sandwich I left outside his door. Downey Jr. is on the cover of this month’s Esquire because of The Avengers and also I guess he had a baby. You can read some excerpts from the interview here, but I promise that you won’t understand them. They’re a bit, uh, scatterbrained. Also: dark! Like, he goes on some weird thing about being a father and how you either ruin your child by not loving them enough or by loving them too much and not preparing them for the cruelty of the world and it’s like, OK, Robert Downey Jr. but also CAN I LIVE? Eesh, I know it’s hard out there for a shrimp but you’re on the cover of a popcorn magazine talking about Iron Man, baby bro. Chin up, champ. Awww. Haha. Look at him! Life is hard, though, 4 real. LOL.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and two gold stickers on your chore chart. (Via Celebitchy.)

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  1. “i’m not coming out until China frees Tibet!”

  2. Robert Downey, Jr.’s neighbor’s daughter has surprisingly mature taste in decor!

  3. More like Robert DOWNER Jr.

  4. More like Robert Downer Jr.

  5. I’m sorry that Kirk Cameron stole your girlfriend and sent you on that horrible spiral. But don’t worry, he’s with God now… eating Subway sandwiches.

  6. Looks like somebodys feeling less than zero today

  7. More like Robert Downer Jr.*

  8. Himmmmmm?

  9. From heroin addiction to heroine addiction.

  10. More like Downbert Downer Dr.

  11. “this is the last time I let Gwenyth redecorate…”

  12. I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!

  13. ¡More like Robert DOWNER Jr!

    • Haha I said this all Spanishy.

      • Off Topic, but did you see Cabin in the Woods? DID YOU LOVE IT?

        • YES! IT WAS SO GOOD!

        • Here you are! Haha. I tried to bring this up in two places yesterday lololol. AND SO:

          I did like it! It was a lot of fun. It had a lot of good jokes and was self-aware without being annoying about it. SPOILERS AND FAVORITE JOKES FOLLOW. (Zombies ≠ Zombie Redneck Torture Family. The situation and resolution in Kyoto. All the elevators going “ding” at the same time.)

          I must say, however, that I was expecting more horror and less comedy! From the trailer and the poster, I suppose I was expecting something more along the lines of Cube or Cube II. (But not Cube Zero, though, yuck.) I thought it would start off as the typical hacker-slasher and then end up in a realm of wonky physics and “glitches” and impossibly high-tech mind-bending logic. I was really craving for a good horror movie and the movie didn’t really scratch my itch. Nonetheless, I had a really good time and didn’t let my expectations keep me from enjoying what I essentially interpreted to be a comedy. I would’ve appreciated a better back-story and perhaps a higher special effects budget, but I can admire that they really went for it and that the premise was original and entertaining.

          • SPOILERS ABOUND:

            YAY! I really, really liked it. My only complaint was with the CGI. I thought it was a little weak. Not terrible, but there were a few shots where it was a bit distracting (the bird/magic fence of doom shot stands out in my memory). I was also expecting more horror, but was so charmed by the comedy that I didn’t mind all that much. Marty might be my favorite character this year (plus, I was one of the three people who watched dollhouse. Go Topher!), and although I was expecting the Merman payoff, it made me chortle with delight nonetheless.

          • Haha. Yes! You could see the merman coming from miles away, but I would agree that it was still satisfying.

            The CGI was certainly lacking. The snake and the spider were hilarious. The god hand made of lava was also very jokes. By the second half of the movie, however, the film has defined itself as absurd and hilarious, so I wasn’t put off by the lackluster effects. It was just fun by that point.

            I don’t think the movie is as “smart” as people are claiming it to be, but I certainly think it’s “smartish” and definitely just fun to watch in a group setting with lots of gasping and laughing. (And lots of rooting for the stoner!)

          • The audience at my screening was the most excited I have seen in ages, with cheering and screaming, etc. It was so neat! The last time I had something similar was before Episode 1 played. And I guess the growing depression that stole over us during the screening proper.

  14. Looks like someone didn’t take the Sweetin news too well

  15. all this talk of downers…i thought he liked uppers?

  16. Looks like somebody’s feeling less than zero today.

    • For one, Plagiarism. And two, this would be better said by Horatio:
      “Looks like Somebody’s feeling *removes glasses* Less Than Zero”


  17. Somehow the porcelain doll is the LEAST creepy thing in this photo

  18. Looks like someone is feeling -3 today.

  19. Ivory Man

  20. These boots cost more than your car.

  21. Robert Downer जूनियर की तरह!

  22. “God, what a pussy.” – Robert Downey Sr.

  23. I only love you baby, we can be together

  24. I don’t think he’s sad. I think he’s just saying a bunch of freaky shit to that doll.

  25. Are you goldilocks? Why are you sleeping in my bed? What’s that? I wandered into a strange home and I’ve laid down in some kid’s bed again? Goldilocks, am I going to jail again?

  26. He’s sad because his version of Sherlock saddled him with Jude Law. Cumberbatch got to have all that fun with Martin Freeman.

  27. Looks like Robert Downer Jr is feeling less than zero today!

  28. more like the cover of Better Holmes and Gardens

  29. Of course he’s sad, because what you don’t see is that the right side of his suit is completely covered in spaghetti sauce.

  30. Your move, Keanu.

  31. ¡Parece que alguine se siente menos que cero!

  32. It’s a bit derivative…

  33. It seems like no one has done this justice and I would LOVE to be in Monster’s Ball! Right?

  34. Obviously, it wasn’t as good for him as it was for her, and judging by her expression, she didn’t even climax.

  35. When will people learn to listen to their neighbourhood watch. They are always advising you ‘should lock homes’. I’ll get my coat.

  36. Kiss Kiss Cry Cry

  37. No they are the ones who are wrong, Marry. If they won’t let you come to their stupid parties then we shall have our own, with lace, saucers, and some thimblefuls of brandy with cheese.

  38. Robert’s still reeling from the Brangelina engagement news.

  39. Rober t downer JR. Looks like feeling LESS than a zero, today.

  40. My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is looks like somebodys feeling less than zero years older than me, lol. We more like online at robertDOWNER. jr The premiere online community for older women seek younger men or older men seek younger women to meet and share your interests. Ever feel that you would best enjoy someone who is not in your age group? Leave behind the other general dating sites out there and try us.

  41. I can’t believe my mother threw out my Kitt Kittredge Doll. She was the best one! No one understands me.

  42. I think he probably just realized that his son doesn’t look a thing like him. And likes to wear dresses.

  43. And also maybe isn’t real.

  44. “My heels hurt”

  45. They say that the best doll is the one you can have a tea party with. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the toy you only have to hand out around and admire. That’s how Mom did it, that’s how American Girl does it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

  46. I’d feel better if I was Batman instead of Ironman.

  47. I am Ironman

  48. The doll is thinking ‘this is awkward’

  49. Yikes! I have that same doll. My grandma gave it to me. But even as an angsty 8 year old I never took her off the display stand to have a cuddle. The era she depicts is the early 1900′s, so props to him for keeping her ankles discreetly covered, thus avoiding a potentially embarrassing situation for everyone involved.

  50. This doll used to be drugs.

  51. Downer Jr.: Why are you wearing a mask like you’re embarrassed to be shooting this?

    Cameraperson: You were in the Avengers.

    Downer Jr.: What do you mean, ‘You were in the Avengers’?

    Doll: What do you mean, ‘You were in the Avengers’?

  52. notevenkidding  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2012 0

    Damn. Irene Adler drugged me again. But this is oddly more embarrassing than waking up naked.

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