Kye, a 7-year-old boy suffering from Leukemia, has always wanted to be Batman because he might have a debilitating disease but he’s not an idiot. Everyone wants to be Batman. But, so, the Arlington, Texas police and fire departments, along with non-profit group “A Wish With Wings” created a very special day for Kye, complete with actors, fake bombs, staged bank robberies, a film crew, and a key to the city given to Kye by the mayor. It’s nice! The one thing it does make you think about is the fact that all kids should get something like this at some point in their lives. OK, maybe not all kids, but most kids. That evil rich fat kid from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure doesn’t get one. (Or maybe he gets one most of all!) I guess it gets tricky if you start deciding that some kids get it and some don’t, but maybe when Romney wins the election he can disband Obama’s Death Panels and set them up deciding which needy kids get to be Batman for a day. No offense to Kye, but like, there are lots of kids who aren’t staring down the barrel of a death gun who could still use a single afternoon of magic and wish fulfillment to remind them that life is worth living and that the world is still a place filled with possibility. Today we are all Batman, etc.

Not really sure why there’s that one adult-sized Batman tagging along. The fuck out of here, Big Batman. Kye is on this. When asked how he felt about his adventure, Kye responded: “”I just want to say — that was fun,” which is the absolutely 100 percent correct answer. Classic Kye. Classic Batman. (Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. The kid who played Robin didn’t get to be Batman because he only had the chicken pox.

  2. The Dark Tyke.

  3. Anyone notice how none of these kids ever want to be Superman or anyone else? Always Batman.


  4. Nana-nana-nana-nana Nana-nana-nana-nana Bat-Chaperone!

  5. I’ll take Kye over a “neighborhood watch captain.” I’ll bet Kye could get the real bad guys off the streets.

  6. I love this more than most things.

  7. I’m still trying to figure out if the last arrest (“on the way to city hall”) of the backwards-hat guy was part of the act (which would be quite an anticlimactic finale considering that it was preceded by the dramatic captures of the Joker and Riddler) or if mini-Batman actually stopped a real life crime.

  8. I bet Kye was super-stoked to get out that hospital. Have you seen his nurse? Turrible.

  9. Can’t think of something bitchy to say.

  10. Sure, a kid with leukemia dresses up as batman and foils a bank robbery and you guys swoon all over how adorable it is, but I dress up as batman and go to try and open up a new tax free savings account and the manager has me escorted out by security not once, but twice (I left my sack lunch on the financial advisor’s desk and I spent all morning on that Peanut Butter Jelly and Rice Krispie sandwich) and then later escorted out at the grocery store, the mall, American Eagle Outfitters, a phone booth, a stranger’s backyard, and an Applebee’s.

    My point I guess is that maybe I should have reconsidered buying the inflatable costume.

  11. I’m just going to leave this here because we’re talking about Batman.

  12. Was the Joker always British?

  13. It would be amazing if Kye’s whole day out was actually an elaborate George Bluth Sr.-type lesson about not doling out vigilante justice.

    “And that’s why you never pursue vigilante justice.”

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  15. These things are so great for the kids.
    When my nephew with MD was 6 years old, Make-A-Wish set him up at Universal Studios in Orlando for a special day with Spiderman (his favorite hero). I never seen a kid so happy as he was that day.
    I miss him so much.

  16. Adult Batman should have dressed up as Alfred.

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