“Siri, make me smell like mangosteens.”
“Siri, where’s the nearest knitting club?”
“Siri, I don’t feel like wearing normal shoes today. Cobble me some cardboard Michel Gondry espadrilles.”
“Siri, remind me to examine my own body with a hand mirror for a deeper understanding of my sexuality. Tomorrow.”
“Siri, who invented yarn?”
“Siri, invite my contact list over for a mid-morning limbo party and also order a limbo stick from the limbo stick store.”
“Siri, call Europe.”
“Siri, what frozen yogurt toppings do you like best? I mean besides mochi?”
“Siri! It’s me Zooey! Siri! Hi, Siri! Zooey!”

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  1. There is a good chance that not only would I do everything in the commercial, but also 90% of what Gabe listed after.

    I’m insufferable, aren’t I? I guess I had to learn it sooner or later, and at least here I am with friends.

  2. “Siri, why am I impervious to melancholy? Harumph!”

  3. Nothing will make people recognize your specialness more than being in an ad for the top-selling mobile phone of 2011. She’s so quirky and unique!

  4. “Siri, remind me to liquefy M Ward’s bones in acid. Tomorrow.” – The darker side of ZD

  5. Zooey: Siri, what is “cute”.

    Siri: You are Zooey.

    Zooey: Damn right bitch.

  6. I don’t feel one way or another about this ad, but I will say that after a brief search for Zoey gifs, I am very disappointed in the apparent lack of animated gif availability for “The Happening.” Hey, come on, internet, I can think of hundreds of specific moments that would have been perfectly giffable! What gives?!

  7. I’d like to hear more about that hand mirror to-do.

  8. Do you really need to ask your fucking phone if it’s raining when you are standing two feet away from a window?

  9. oddly, I went to Stereogum today first and saw this. I thought this Zooey Deschanel would have been more suited to Videogum and I was right!

  10. I thought Katy Perry had a droid phone?

  11. “Siri, will you teach me how to Dougie?”

  12. I laughed at this post but would also totally watch a video where Zooey asks Siri these very questions. I can’t help but love that woman.

  13. Josiah Josh Bohnsack  |   Posted on Apr 17th, 2012 +4

    “Siri, does anyone really like my show?”

  14. “Siri, remind me to buy some more adult diapers” – sneak peek at script for upcoming Hugh Jackman iphone ad.

    • “Siri, remind me to buy some more adult diapers” – sneak peek at script for upcoming Hugh Jackman Gerard Depardieu iphone ad.

      • “Siri, remind me to buy some more adult diapers how to format correctly and also look things over before I hit submit” – sneak peek at script for upcoming Hugh Jackman Gerard Depardieu djfreshie iphone ad.

  15. Apple “we made a computer than answers questions”

    IBM: “WE made a computer than asks questions upon receiving an answer”

  16. Siri find ukulele tabs for Joni Mitchell’s Blue

  17. Siri, tell me how to talk as though peanut butter wasn’t clinging to the roof of my mouth.

  18. I simultaneously hate Zooey Deschanel and want to be her.

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