If I can make a generalization about humans, I think we all like to be remembered in a positive light. It is better to be thought of as that charming person you wished you could’ve talked to for a little bit longer at that get-together, for example, rather than the person who was weird and kind of mean to everybody for no reason and you got stuck talking to them for too long and had to excuse yourself to the bathroom even if you didn’t have to go. Or, at your funeral, it would be nice if lots of people told stories of your generosity and kindness, rather than if they talked about how you were kind of a racist, especially towards the end. But you don’t always have such control over the way people remember you. It only takes a brief moment for someone to form a lasting opinion, and lots of things that are otherwise unrepresentative of who we are can happen in that brief moment. We’re only human.

But sometimes those brief moments provide a glimpse into a person’s true self they would otherwise try to hide from the world. Like in this case, with this guy who DEFINITELY, in private, ALWAYS forgets he has sunglasses on and then tries to put his eyedrops in over his sunglasses, forgot that he had sunglasses on and tried to put in eyedrops when the whole world could see! What a dummy! FOREVER A DUMMY, THIS GUY! (Via Abroath.)

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  1. As if finding yourself in Cincinnati listening to John Popper play the Star Spangled Banner on the harmonica weren’t bad enough.

  2. “Actually jerks I was applying lens cleaner to my Ray-Bans and the bottle was empty, which is what I discovered when I put it right up to my eye for a closer look.”

  3. full hearts, can’t lose.

  4. “It’s true, you can’t control your legacy.” -Tupac

  5. Harmonica rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner? Hold on… hold on! There we go. Single tear.

  6. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you can control how you’re needed.

  7. I love the filmer’s giggling.

  8. Sunglasses…eye drops…harmonicas? Come on, he was obviously stoned. We’ve all been there. Give him a break.

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