Vincent Gallo is suing the city of Los Angeles. The fate of everything hangs in the balance.

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  1. Haha, the best part is that TMZ thinks he is famous for being in Goodfellas.

    • I didn’t even know he was in Goodfellas and that’s one of my favorite movies. How can they not mention Buffalo ’66?

      • Buffalo ’66 was the first indie film Lil’ Facetaco ever saw, and it was so good that it really helped to start me on my transition into the ironically detached hipster you see before you today.

  2. That man can do no wrong. Does anyone have a spare $50k I can borrow? <3 <3

  3. I hope they give back Vincent Gallo the $.00008 he has paid and in returns he goes somewhere far, far away.

    This guy is such a creep. Ugh. And a right-wing, Bush-supporting, neocon creep at that. And a pervy creep on top of all of that. I am not a fan of Vincent Gallo.

  4. I was going to make a really gross joke but then I realized that Vincent Gallo is pretty much a gross joke in human form so now I’m just not going to bother.

  5. That lawsuit actually sounds kind of reasonable. If the taxpayer money isnt being spent wisely and its just graft going on, then he is right to sue over it. Good for him – IF this is what it appears to be.

    Can someone tell me more about his Goodfellas role? And dont make any brown bunny blowjob jokes.

  6. I saw a terrible movie last night in which Matthew Broderick similarly sued LA for being terrible. “Cruel negligence” or something was the charge, because they towed his car when he needed it to bring his roommate to a hospital. That suit went about as well as [SPOILER ALERT] Gallo’s suit will. To wit, LA will spend $1 million on lawyers to prove that it does not owe taxpayers $1.3 million. The judge will bang a gavel. “Case closed, lawyers, well done!” Thanks, Mr. Gallo.

    Also, no one watch the Matthew Broderick movie “Wonderful World” unless you hope to be angry at something that is pretentious, boring, pointless, and racist all at once. Definite WMOAT candidate.

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