Last night’s episode was admittedly a little boring. TEAM CONFUSING! Is everyone a king now? Kind of feels like each week there are three new kings. I read the first three books and I barely even have a grasp on what’s happening at the moment. Not that I mind. It’s fun! Everyone sounds like a Princess and there’s so much meat on the table! Speaking of princesses, I like that new one who doesn’t know which way she prefers to wear her dress. LOL! Which way?! Ahhhh! (Just kidding, we all know which way.) She is pretty but I think she has some control issues. As is the case every single week, the best part this week was the demonstration of power. Tyrion’s ruse was very clever, sure, but even better was when the ruse was over and he confronted that old man in his bedroom and then also heard the riddle from Matt Pinfield. Great stuff. Also EEK! EEEK! EEK! with the VERY SLOW AND TENDER SWORD MURDERS. Good God! That was just horrifying. Next week: please, sire, may I have some more.

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  1. As always, needs more Hound. BUT, Brienne!!! The woman playing her is a model (and 6’3!) and I was worried she wouldn’t be ugly enough but MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Holy cow, she looked perfect.

    • The night is Donna Darko and full of terrors.

      • I’ll tell you what, the episode was great, what with Tyrion’s plots, Brienne, and Renly’s problems. Theon is a bit of a bore, and I’d like to see more of what’s going on with Robb, but otherwise no complaints.

        Isn’t it amazing that HBO has the two best shows of the year – Eastbound and Down (season 3) and Game of Thrones (season 2)?

        • I loved the finale to Eastbound. I don’t think I’m giving anything away here, but STOP READING IF YOU’RE OVERLY CONCERNED I MIGHT (could’ve just gone with “spoiler alert” there), but I felt the door slamming shut in the very core of my soul.

        • Theon was the highlight of the episode when he confronted his father for basically giving him away like a dog he no longer wanted when Robert Baratheon crushed his rebellion. Can’t see how you could find that scene boring.

  2. Brienne is PERFECT.

    • I went around doing some googling last night after watching the episode to see what’s what about the show so far (I didn’t read into any spoilers and the like). Apparently there was a campaign by fans to get that tall lady to play Brienne even before the show was a thing. I don’t know what kind of homegrown fan base she has/had, because she certainly hasn’t done much.

      I liked the cut of her armor. Very neat designs that subtly disguised her anatomy.

      • *by ‘certainly hasn’t done much’ I just meant Gwendolyn Christie’s (just googled her name so I could give credit where credit’s due) list of imdb acting credits is short. I just meant for that to be a matter-of-fact statement. If any disparagement was felt in reading my comment, that was not my intention.

  3. I always feel like I need to scrub myself head to toe after watching this show. #neurotic

  4. I don’t watch Game of Thrones because I’m waiting for season 4, but I saw the parody of Game of Thrones on SNL and yelled, “Holy cow! Tommy Carcetti!”
    And then David SImon materialized from the internet ether and slapped me.

  5. Also, my asshole shot out of my asshole when it showed the advertisement with Jon Snow sitting on the Iron Throne with Ghost beside him.

  6. holy crap i love this show you guys. peter dinklage is amazing.

  7. Boring?! Arya learns all about revenge from that dude, and new princess wants a threesome, and Tyrion “make due” Lannister wants to feed that old guy’s nuts to a goat. And team ugly sea dudes is plotting some serious betrayal shit. So not boring.

  8. I also read that the one dude who serves Robert’s brother who thinks he’s king and is shtupping that red magi woman, do you know who I mean? The guy with the pious son and is friends with the pirate dude who wants to say hello to Cersei’s vagina? Does everyone know who I’m talking about? That one guy. he’s scruffy? ANYWAY. I read that he’s an onion knight. This isn’t spoilery. But apparently his book counterpart has an old injury to his left hand, but because the actor is left-handed they did something to his right hand instead, but what they did to his right hand isn’t the same injury as the one in the book, and my friend woke me up via text at 5:30am to tell me that factoid, and I was like, “At least it’s not Walking Dead and you’re always decrying Game of Thrones! Last year you were like, ‘the DIRE wolves aren’t big enough! WAH!’ Well look at that, they’re growing now! And also, the actor’s left-handed! There’s not much you can do! And unless his injury in the book is a major, game-changing plot point, then get off Game of Thrones swingin’ nuts, lady!” That’s not word for word, but that was the gist of my response.

    • Davos, his name is Davos Seaworth and he bores me.

    • He reminds me of Graham Chapman for some reason. So, I like him…but I wish he was funnier.

    • They may have switched the hand, but surely the injury is the same? The injury being that Stannis cut off some of his fingers for bein’ a smuggler… they reference it in the show very briefly (his pirate buddy Salladhor says something about it) so I don’t think they changed it.

    • Davos is an awesome character!!!

      He’s the Onion Knight because he made a bunch of money smuggling onions or something. Anyhoo, he saved Stannis’s narrow arse with his pirate powers at one point so Stannis pardoned him and made him a knight. Then all the finger chopping Singing-Ax pointed out, even though Davos pretty much saved his family’s source of power for him.

      I also concur with Mr. Lewis, Davos is this season’s Ned.

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  10. Grand Maester Pycelle getting his beard cut off!

  11. I was very confused by Margaery and Renly in that one scene, because Margaery seemed pretty confident that Renly would not like her dress either way. This would not bother me too much, but their camp was right off the water, so it was probably very cold at that time of night. Margaery could have used that extra cloth while discussing machinations.

    • That actress is so great at showing how she is now literally going through the motions and it’s making her sick to her stomach. I haven’t gotten this far in the book, but something tells me she’s going to high-five whoever is in charge of beheading Joffrey. Or she’ll die first. Either or. Good acting, young lady.

      • I also liked the juxtaposition of Cersei just mad-dogging her at this dinner (and in general), then flipping out on Tyrion later when she heard he would be putting her precious daughter in a VERY SIMILAR situation! DUH, Cersei! It’s a shitty situation you’ve got your Stark in!

        • Cersei is also so well-done. This show with the acting! So good!!!

          And then along comes Peter Dinklage and just blows them all out of the water *every* time. I love that guy. I love him in everything. I might love him in this most of all. Yeah, probably.

      • Sansa is doing a great combination of, as you say, going through the motions and it’s making her sick to her stomach BUT ALSO using her words so carefully that she mostly keeps true to herself (without betraying that she’s kept true to herself). Sansa is always finding a way to be Team Stark via double meaning genius. I mean, what she is basically saying above is “I cannot WAIT until Joffrey is dead and I can love the king, aka my brother Robb. Fuck you guys, srsly.”

  12. I did think it was a slow moving episode for GoT. I like seeing evil Joffrey in every episode and also Daenerys. I must say I am impressed with the child actors in this series. They are pretty great.

  13. I know i’m asking for spoilers, but Craster, he gets his, right? Right?

  14. Every week I think I really should start reading the books but then I remember I don’t have the energy to read several 700+ page books and this show is so great anyway and run-on sentences!

    • I’ve been avoiding reading the books because I don’t want to ruin the show. How backwards is that?

      • Same with me! I just bought the first book since I recently finished the first season.

      • I read all of the books before I started the show, and I am having a lot of fun. I think it’s fun however you do it. Fun!

        • I don’t think the books are really all that daunting, they’re full on page-turners as far as I’m concerned. I’d read the books before I knew there was going to be a series which put me in a sweet spot I think. I still remember most of the big things but the small stuff is a bit fuzzy so I don’t notice the little tweaks the show has done.

          The biggest frustration with having read the books is not being able to talk about where I think the show will go. I’d really like to find a spoiler friendly forum to nerd out in.

      • That was my philosophy for the Harry Potter franchise, but I read the first Hunger Games book before seeing the movie. I can confirm that both methods have their charms.

  15. So…. I crossed my legs when Tyrion told Brann to chop off Pycelle’s manhood. Ouch.

    • Actually not that it comes close to mattering, but he’s telling the other guy, “Shagga son of Dolf” to cut off Pycelle’s manhood and feed it to the goats. It’s what Shagga kept threatening to do to Tyrion in Season 1 when he was befriending him and the rest of the savages

  16. I love this show, and I love the books! As the books progress they just continue to grow and spread out geographically as well as character-wise, so I was kind of afraid that not every episode would be able to feature my favorite characters or storylines if they were going to be able to get everything in there (for example I’ve never really liked the Iron-Fish-People much, but even they are interesting!) And I must admit, the show has done a good job so far (imho) in keeping things moving along at a steady pace, while allowing space for the important character and plot developments. I’m impressed and can’t wait for every new episode!

  17. The Arya parts are always my favorite, and I’m so glad that the show is doing her plot justice. The Yoren addition was very smart and Arya continues to read new levels of badassery and likability each week (props to Williams for her superb acting.)

  18. The Greyjoys are pretty full of themselves for a bunch of dudes with a uterus and fallopian tubes for a sigil.

  19. I’m loving this show so much! I can’t be the only person who rewound just to watch Brienne fighting Loras again.

  20. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel compelled to drink wine and/or ale while watching this show?

  21. I’m just here for the ultra tame gay sex.

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