Bravo announced a new reality show about the I Can Haz Cheeseburger network of blogs. That’s why everyone got to leave work early today: the coast-to-coast celebration enjoyed by all Americans. FINALLY! THANK YOU TO THE LORD OF HEAVEN! From ONTD:

“Huh?” (working title)
Ever wonder who is behind those hilarious cat memes? Bravo goes inside the office of Ben Huh and his eclectic staff at, one of the largest humor publishers on the Internet known for their popular LOLs and FAILs.

Hahahhaha. Powerful stuff. “Ever wonder who is behind those hilarious cat memes? That’s a question we all hear way too often. “Who is behind those hilarious cat memes? If only there was a reality show on Bravo about it so I would know because it’s fascinating and good entertainment too.” This is going to be a great show! The best show ever? OUR generation’s Girls? What other blog networks should have a really fun and interesting reality show that no one can even handle having to wait for because it’s just too good of a show? “Ever wonder who’s behind those hilarious real estate, restaurant, and fashion industry updates? This week on a very special The Curbed Network.” So fun. Golden age of television. Throw out your Wire DVDs. Bring back the recap. This is gonna be wonderful.

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  1. I can haz lolz!

  2. I think a behind the scenes with Kelly & Gabe video is now a requirement!

  3. Instead of this, can we just have current reality stars start talking like lolcats?
    “Da Situation, you can haz grenade for me?”

  4. Is this where we get to ask for more Dr. Birdie? Because I would like more Dr. Birdie, please. Maybe
    I’ll go take a walk and think about it.

  5. I’d watch My Super Sweet Skiing Bar Mitzvah

  6. It’s TMZ for the rest of us! A depressing room full of desks (not even cubicles) with people running in and out, breathlessly announcing, “Oh my god you guys there was a dog and, like, it was rubbing its butt on the floor, and someone nearby said, ‘Fuhget a-BUTT it’ and I have to get this down STAT! This is world-changing stuff here!”

  7. One day, a network will green light “TV Recaps, the TV Show” and one go-getting blogger will recap it and then the world’s collective eyes will bug out like in Total Recall and we will all cease to exist, save for one phantom tweet that simply says “I LOL’d.”

  8. Twitter TV: 140 seconds of content.

  9. looking forward to a bunch of skinny hipsters deconstruct cat LOLZ and one of those last-minute-deadline rushes like this

  10. Just a whole show of me finding funny pictures and showing them to my boyfriend and him being like “I don’t get it.” For example:

    • I’ll be completely honest here; jokes like this, that are so completely one-dimensional, I often fail to understand them. I overthink them and wonder if there’s not something more to them. Right now, I have to wonder if i’m missing a clever visual pun or if it is just a cat with a horse mask on it.

      • I don’t really see a clever visual pun, I’m just really easily entertained by this corgi in a horse mask that is way too big for it. Also it kind of looks like the horse is eating grass!

  11. T-Rex Tries to Get a Nielsen Rating

  12. I thought the hilarious cat memes came from 4chan. Let’s do a show about them! I’m sure that will be suitable to play in prime time!

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