The 92nd Street Y in Tribeca pulled fifty strings and got basically every cool comedy person in the world to be in their commercial — a parody of a long-running, long-annoying commercial for the New York Times “Weekender” subscription. It’s a little on the silly-billy side for my parody-taste, but I do love Paul Rudd in glasses:

Yep. That was everybody.

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  1. not everybody!!

    wheres Zach!?

  2. i don’t think i saw showalter but apparently he wrote/directed.
    also coach mcguirk

  3. Just like Coraline, its not great until the Hodgman is in it

  4. Hey, Zak Orth.

  5. The Shac girls need to be in more things. Was Heather in it? I saw SA and C, but not Heather..lame.

    I declare president Obama makes a rule that Eugene Mirman has to be involved in everything….and part B of that will be that Paul Rudd has to always wear glasses always.

  6. Leo Allen = Yes.

    “I’m a cool black guy!” CLASSIC

  7. Sally  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +2

    The matter-of-fact tone he used when he said, “Shiver me timbers” was weirdly hilarious.

  8. good thing these guys did this because everyone fucking hates that NYT commercial.

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