Get cleaned up. It’s Friday! You going out tonight? Let’s go out! Where do you want to go? Who cares! Looking like a million BISCUITS. Your tummy is dirty, vacuum your tummy. See you there. You look great. (Via Everywhere.)

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  1. What a good boy!!! I’ve tried this with my Basset and she’s ok with it, but only on her back and only very briefly. Does anyone else feel like that owner was kinda harsh and unappreciative of what a good boy she has?????

    • Yes, considering my dog is still pretty well convinced that my vacuum is going to kill him.

      • Mine calmed down about the vacuum once he realized the Swiffer was his true nemesis.

        • I sprung for an electric hardwood floor cleaning thing that is awesome on mud and that is without question an invention created in the depths’ of my dog’s hell. That I tried it out the same day he got a bath? Honestly wondering how puppy protective services wasn’t knocking on my door.

          • The Roomba is the worst for my dog and cat. usually they don’t get along (when the dog has a bath the cat sits outside the bathroom taunting him “what now, sucka?!”) but when the roomba comes out it’s like they put aside their differences to unite against a common enemy. Last time I looked over just as they were finishing the “ready, break!” hands together thing. but then of course they both ran upstairs and hid under/behind things.

  2. Time for some Friday CorGIFS?

  3. I have learned from elsewhere that this Corgi’s full name is Corbin Dallas Multipass. Fantastic.

  4. Nah, I think I’m staying in tonight.

  5. That is seriously the cutest thing in the world

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