One thing I’ll say about this season of Community (to lead into all of the other things) is the the Dean has become my favorite character. How did that happen? Is it just because I’ve gotten tired of the rest of the characters and I never really paid attention to the Dean before so he feels fresh somehow, or is it because the Dean character has gotten better? Huh? Which is it? This isn’t from last night’s episode, but remember in that episode where Jeff put on sunglasses and the Dean fell to the floor because he was so stunned? Haha! That was good. Dean4life. Oratleastuntili4get. Last night’s episode was fine. Certainly a bit less gimmicky than Community has been, so that was nice to see. I’m not sure how I feel about Britta’s stronger presence this season, because she was definitely always one of the weaker characters, and I’m not sure putting her into larger story lines within the episodes has made her stronger. But. Whatever. TV, right? TV. I hope she and Troy get married! The Office was back last night, which was good because it meant that we did not have to watch two episodes of 30 Rock. Hahah. What a miserable writeup so far! And it’s about to get worse! Did you all see that NBC is thinking of rebooting The Office after next season? It would be a reboot without any of the main characters who on the show now, because their contracts will be up at that point. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Can you even imagine how terrible that is going to be?! The Office is dead! Take the sunglasses off of it and go home! I was unable to watch 30 Rock, unfortunately. Was it good? Was the Up All Night season finale just as easy to watch as it always is? Are you all excited for Parks and Recreation to come back? GIFs?

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  1. Annie’s quote here was my favorite line of the night. I literally choked on a bite of food.

  2. I’m Dean Pelton’s bitch.

  3. I thought Community was the worst episode this season. There weren’t a lot of jokes. And the jokes that were there, just weren’t great. “Doing him like a crossword”? That’s some straight 2 Broke Girls stuff. And the Chang-Pierce stuff was so manufactured and unfunny. Eh. I’ll still keep watching.

  4. Maybe an Office reboot might work. Maybe they can have a character who comments on blogs all day and maybe he looks like a cross between Harry Crane and Paul Kinsey. Maybe this guy would work for scale, just for the chance to get out of the drudgery of his waking IRL office life.

    I might know a guy.

  5. Kelly’s running joke about Up All Night being bearable; if only there was a GIF for that.

    • I refuse to watch this show on the grounds that my friends’ lives are now 100 percent about raising babies and it’s super boring to anyone not interested in kids. And fuck if I’m going to watch my TV friends suffer the same fate.*

      *Unfun new parents do not take kindly to this critique of the show, especially if they are related to you and want you to “Skype with the baby.” (A good litmus test to try before you get into a terse, uncomfortlable conversation is to see if your once-fun friends still enjoy Happy Endings. If they say no and/or crap like “we don’t get it, why aren’t they having babies?” answering honestly why you won’t watch Up All Night will not end well.)

      To be fair, only people that were always un-fun strong arm you into Skyping with a one-year-old.

      • this comment makes me so sad because, ugh, babies are the WORST. also because i have a lot of friends who are having babies and you just want to yell, “hey, you’re not fun anymore. good job procreating, which is something that LITERALLY EVERY generation has done before you, so shut up about it on facebook.”

        but yeah, Happy Endings is funny. should we add it to our Thursday open thread? “Thursday Night TV Open Thread with a Happy Ending!”

        • We have been doing the Happy Endings corner for a couple of weeks now. It’ll come back when the show does.

        • Oh god, y’all, I’m right there with you. Babies are the worst (except my nephew duh). I have two v. cool v. wonderful friends who are married and don’t want children yet but feel the pressure, and I just constantly remind them how lame life would be with some dumb baby. They thank me.

          And also, Happy Endings is quickly becoming my favorite show to watch. And also, I’ve had too much coffee and a cookie for breakfast.

          • I like babies on a baby-by-baby basis. But I hate what they do to my friends. And any freak that thinks my awesome dog is going to sully their jam-handed little germ factory… Well let’s just say I got rid of the ones I could and kept the ones that are still rad but happen to have babies.

            I don’t see why my friends couldn’t all have puppies instead. Well other than for biological reasons.

      • I have friends like that too but as a single dude, I still enjoy Up All Night. Mainly because of Will Arnett.

        • As a gay partnered dude, I still enjoy Up All Night because of Will Arnett. Even though I can’t make one of those babies that everyone is talking about.

      • Many episodes are about the real baby on the show, the Ava character (Oprah). And she’s great. I like Happy Endings and Up All Night because they both make me laugh. I love to laugh, ahahaha, loud and long and clea-aah.

        • Up All Night has been more baby-light than I expected. I wish my friends lives were the same. I used to think I was their Ava but that was before I got disinvited from tomorrow’s baptism. #complainergum

          But I love Up All Night and will stand by that love.

  6. There were two 30 Rocks again? You have made a powerful enemy, Comcast-branded DVR. A powerful enemy.

    • Read that wrong, going back to bed. DVR, you are still on watch.

      • Yeah, when my Comcast-brand dvr didn’t record the second episode two weeks ago, I was so angry! Moreso because Jenna’s “Weird”-Al-proof song was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I can’t rewind it over and over again. Now I barely remember how it went. :[

  7. I liked Community and 30 Rock…I can’t remember the good jokes, but that might be because I had ice cream for dinner.

  8. Dean looks better this season partly because he won an Oscar, but mostly because the study group members have all become a bunch of Jeff Wingers.

  9. The Dean has a tiny Pirates of Penzance poster in his office, I hope it was from a production he was in. He would be a pretty great pirate king.

  10. ANOTHER commentary on the power/need for shame? RELAX, Dan Harmon.

  11. I thought Community was OK, but I’ve stated before that I feel these more grounded episodes don’t really work, because the characters are such cartoons. Tha’s why high-concept episodes work much better. That’s why I felt the tag at the end about Abed,s bizarre standup worked so well, especiallt the line ‘That’s from his album’ killed me. This episode had some nice character moments, but nothing really memorable.

    On an unrelated note, has anyone seen Best Friends Forever? I like the talent involved, but I feel it’s pretty uneven in the humor and drama elements, but there is potential that needs time and I’m not sure NBC will give it that. The main reason I bring it up is THAT THEME SONG IS DRIVING ME INSANE! It’s a really cool 90′s throwback thing, but I can’t find what the song is and Googling BFF song lead me to abhorent results…

    • I love Jessica St. Clair (well, mostly her Marissa Wompler character from Comedy Bang Bang) and I think the show has potential but it’s super uneven right now.

    • I’ve not seen it, but I heard about it all this week because the two main ladies guested on a couple Earwolf podcasts. They’re ucb alumni, and they wrote the whole thing. I believe they said the fist season is six episodes, with Paul Rust showing up in the finale, to which I’m looking forward.

    • Oh! Please everyone love BFFs (or at least give it a shot!) My friend Steve is on that show (“Rav”) and it makes me feel super awesome to know a person on a primetime sitcom – it’s like being friends with Fonzie!

      Also, its good! It has a little first season growing to do, but it’s super good. And Quinetta (the adorable 9-yr-old neighbor girl) is the best. (The second best. Go Rav!)

      Watch it!!!!!!

  12. Ooof. Community dropped a bomb on me with this one: “Stop making our hatred of ourselves someone else’s job and just stop hating ourselves.” What followed was a moment of unexpected introspection.

  13. Troy’s text message = the new Radiohead’s “Just” video.

    Will we ever know what he said??

  14. An Office 2.0 reboot wouldn’t be a good idea.

    It’d be a GREAT idea.

    Seriously, the show needs to end, but if it doesn’t, starting with a fresh crop of Office-ers would be the next best thing. I like it. Just like SNL occasionally does a spring cleaning of all its members and picks up new talent. Sure, the new cast is awkward and weird but then they get comfortable and SNL marches on for another decade.

    I like that. Do that, NBC.

  15. As an Australian, this felt important.

  16. Erin’s impression of Andy’s worst case scenario girlfriend breakup was awesome.

  17. It seemed like Community got a new makeup artist, or something, because Britta and Annie looked really weird. Almost like they were airbrushed (primitive Photoshopping, kids).

  18. Kirk Fox as Blade anyone?! Joe from Sewage! Parks and Recreation! I think I have a weird crush on him…

  19. Am I the only one who LOLd/Spittake’d after Dean showed up at the apt and Abed said, “I need help reacting to something.”

    And yes, please make “Read the banana, Britta” the new “face facts” or “shit just got real”

    • “I need help reacting to something,” gave me my biggest belly laugh of the night, closely followed by “Annie, subdue your guest.”

    • I frickin loved that line too, even if it came with a depressing tinge since I’ve basically said the same thing to my ex dozens of times.

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