Guys, you know what? It’s Thursday. It’s springtime. We live in the Second Greatest Country on Earth after Ibiza. Let’s enjoy it! Pizza Pizza Daddy-O! (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. When I was younger I used to think the Vengaboys’ song “Going to Ibiza” said, “We’re going to eat pizza.”

  2. Papa John sure has a lot of kids!

  3. We’re going to need a bigger Herman Cain

  4. OK, real talk. I’m going to be in NY in two weeks. Where should I go for pizza?

  5. Cutest algorithm ever.

  6. And Go-Team is back on top!

  7. now this has made me obsessed with
    I gotta work in the morning guys!

  8. That still-frame ending with the zoom reminded me of this:

  9. I literally JUST had Pizza. but not dancing. #frown

  10. Thanks for bringing back memories of a terrible day in grade one where our teacher spent what seemed like hours trying to teach us this song and dance (or like.. chant and wiggle??) before giving up because we were a bunch of no-good-nicks.

  11. I sooooooo want to be there with them.

  12. i just love this. i can’t decide which is my favorite part – the actual rhyme, the girls dancing in unison, the little dresses and sweaters they are wearing, the old school glasses . . . also, does anyone want to play down by the banks of the hanky panks? or maybe miss mary mac? i’m feeling hand clappy and maybe a little playground stompy now, in the best sense.

  13. I tried teaching this dance to the other baristas at work today.

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