Yay, a new fetish! This is a good one: there’s a new documentary called Strange Love: Married To The Eiffel Tower, about women who are in love with — and have sex with — inanimate objects. Jezebel put together this hilarious highlight reel, that includes a woman giving oral pleasure to a roller coaster, and a lady in love with a crossbow:

This reminds me of one of the most fascinating This American Life segments, in which a guy who used to be a girl recounts his first months of taking testosterone, and how he found himself sexually attracted to refrigerators and copy machines. (You can listen here – it’s segment 2.) So with only this documentary clip and that radio episode to go on, I hereby diagnose these women as having too much testosterone. Done and done. (Via GoldenFiddle, where there’s also a 20-minute clip from the documentary.)

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  1. This is ineresting.
    I was given the impression only men were creppy perverts.

    Yay feminism!

  2. Well judging from her physical appearance one can see why she had to turn to amusement park rides.

  3. that first woman makes me very uncomfortable.

  4. sarah  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +16

    it takes a lot to creep me out to the point where i can’t watch something anymore but for some reason that did it for me. does that make me some sort of republican now or something

  5. Kevbo  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +23

    Is this really a fetish? This seems to have gone round-the-horn to straight up mental illness. The woman wants the roller coaster to give her its fluids? What, like it’s brake fluids? Forget it lady, it’s crazy town.

    • Erin  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +3

      I think this is kind of the definition of fetish — finding something sexually appealing that is completely unsexual in every way. Most things labeled as “fetish” are usually just slightly unusual sexual practices like foot stuff and spanking. This is just gross and confusing and horrible, which I think means it’s a for real fetish.

  6. This is more offensive to me than hardcore pornography

  7. “I WANT YOUR FLUIDS” has to be a new phrase for something. I just…don’t know what.

  8. They seem normal,but then you realize that they have sex with roller coasters

  9. foreal  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +9

    But how much does the crossbow enjoy the sex?

  10. So I have been looking for this article everywhere and can’t find it and it’s killing me. It was an article in I think New York Mag? Maybe something else… and it was maybe 2-3 years ago and it was about a woman with this disorder/fetish/whatever who was in love with the WORLD TRADE CENTER and grieved for it as if a real living lover had died.

    I want to share the link, but unfortunately googling “lady who loves the world trade center” is pretty unhelpful. Looking for this article is driving me nuts, maybe someone else can find it.

    • I watched the 20-minute clip of this (what?) and I think it’s the same woman who was “having sex” with the carnival ride.

    • Elena  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 0

      I don’t know if it’s this woman in the article, but the first woman in the video talks about being in love with the World Trade Center in the documentary.

  11. very disturbing. “Mom, Dad….meet Lonnie (presents segment of fencing). We have such an amazing connection.”

    perhaps we all just need to take a closer look at our feelings towards inanimate objects (no, we don’t).

  12. Um it’s a bow, not a crossbow, sorry. I just had to say it.
    Also the definition of a fetish is something that becomes necessary for sexual arousal so it could be anything as long as you can’t get horny without it.

    I apologize for the smartypantsy. This has Errol Morris written all over it for me.

  13. Kim  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 0

    FYI, the whole documentary is online, here’s the first part of it:

    • If you watch the documentary on veoh (which my roommate and I did, with faces agape the whole time), be sure to click on the OTHER documentary about car-fuckers.

      One dude rapes the video crew’s SUV.

      It’s bonkers.

  14. kevin  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +9

    Let’s get off crossbows. Cause I just got off yours.

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  16. Ronsonic  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 -2

    For most of us a “fetish” is just a decoration on sex, which is to say not really a fetish, just sex with accessories. That’s probably typical of men. These gals are onto something different. Way different.

    But hey, if they’re happy and it isn’t screwing up their lives, I’m a little worried for roller coaster girl, then sure, enjoy.

  17. Okay not to over-comment on a single post but I just watched the second half of this film and remind me never to touch any part of the Eiffel Tower next time I’m there.

  18. I want your fluids?!? I don’t even say that to OTHER HUMAN BEINGS!!!

  19. Oh fuck, I watched the 20 minute clip and found that the 1001 Nacht she loves actually resides at my local amusement park, Knoebels.
    I don’t think I can ever feel comfortable there again.

    • Later in the documentary she gets it on with a railing and an organ at a church. I was watching this with my gf when she horrifically realized it was the church her parents go to. I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything.

  20. i’m telling someone that they’re so perfect in their geometry tomorrow – unprompted and out of context.

  21. I am so squicked out right now. Are the fence lady and the bow lady the same person?

  22. I’m on the fence about this one.

  23. Okay, I have to keep watching these clips every chance I get just to ensure myself that I’m not imagining this whole thing.
    “Am I just remembering something from a weird dream?”
    **sees the log flume ride**

  24. TwiLight ReZin  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2009 -2

    ok that is crazy freaky but um ya its not a cross bow its a compound bow
    idk just wanted to point that out


  26. Oh God, I got so drunk last night, I shouldn’t have slept with that combination washer dryer!

  27. kaz  |   Posted on Feb 8th, 2009 0

    rollercoaster lady: Ohmigod the GREASE. It’s like making out with a carnie. I guess if she ever feels like moving on to people, she won’t have to go very far.

  28. “I’m definitely physically attracted to this fence and would like to get to know this fence better”

    I just wanted to see what that sentence would look like when i wrote it out

  29. edc  |   Posted on Feb 9th, 2009 0

    I refuse to believe this. its early april fools.
    I mean you can tell its fake from the first ‘lady’ saying shes in love with HIM.

  30. Oh, no. Dear sweet Knoebels, WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO YOU? I used to camp there with my fam. I shant any longer. Also: Why is she given permission after hours to freely do some fluid-exchangin’ with the Nacht? How is that okay? Is Knoebels really THAT hard up for business?

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