ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?! An epic dance battle crew vs. crew this isn’t a battle this is war YOU BETTER DRUMLINE movie starring LITTLE CHILDREN? Someone call Doc Hollywood and tell him to shut down all other productions because we have ourselves The Final Movie. This is what David Foster Wallace wrote all those footnotes about in Infinite Jest. If you think that I’m not going to go see this on opening night then you don’t know anything about me. Which is going to be your downfall when we meet on the dancefloor. Or should I say the dance BATTLEFIELDFLOOR. #BattlefieldAmericaTweets

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  1. But can they build an arcade out of cardboard and box tape?

  2. May the dub ever beatz in your favor.

  3. If the sequel doesn’t have cute animals dancing I’m going to be severely disappointed.

  4. You krumped my battle crip!

  5. I just don’t understand how team who brought us You Got Served keeps coming up with new ideas.

  6. So it’s small children dance-fighting? Basically The Hunger Games meets Westside Story? I am IN!

  7. Guys, should we all buy Gabe dance lessons for his birthday? I feel like he’s been dropping hints for years.

  8. Story.

    A few years ago, I was walking down the Seaside Heights boardwalk late at night (bear with me) and I came across some kind of a commotion. At first I thought it was a fight because Seaside Heights, but on closer inspection it was two guys battle dancing. Taking turns and striking intimidating poses in between and everything. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. Moments later, it became THE funniest thing I had ever seen when someone in the crowd yelled “You got served!”

    End story.

    • True story: My friend likes to take random dance classes, and one time she went to a break dance class that, unbeknownst to her, happened to be taught by her boyfriend’s ex, a professional break dancer (huh?) who taught her 2 moves and then challenged her to a dance battle! Strangely, the girl told her afterwards that she respected how hard she tried and she still goes to that class.

      Another true story: This same girl and I went bar to bar telling everyone that we had won the “Riverdance Championships” when the Irish Dancing competitions were held in our city so we could get people to buy us drinks. Eventually, we ran into a couple of girls who told us “1, it’s called Irish Dancing, not Riverdancing. And 2, you aren’t the champions because we are.” So we challenged them to a dance off. “Just move your feet a lot and keep your arms really still, we’ve got this in the bag!” (We were already pretty drunk by this point and, might I add, FOR FREE) Anyway, we got served, as they say.

    • I’m glad somebody remembers my Seaside Heights battle dance win!

  9. I hope this movie finally answers the question, “Why are there two different groups of 8 year olds eating alone, without parental supervision, at a diner in New York?”

  10. Can someone answer an honest question for me? So, I’ve never seen any of these competitive dancing movies and I’m just curious: like, what’s at stake? If “it’s not a battle, it’s war” than, what’s the war about? I’m really just baffled because all of the trailers make it seem like there’s a pretense of dramatic stakes and clear goals, but it seems impossible to me. How does someone “win”? “I danced better than you. The end.”

    • If you don’t get it now you never will

    • “One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.” -Nike.

    • Pride, mostly. Sometimes there is also a cash prize or control of territory by one group, or “turf,” if you will. But mostly pride.

      At least, that’s what I assume. Full disclousire: the only dance-off movie I’ve seen was You Again, which featured a dance battle between Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver.

    • IIRC the plot of You Got Served, Lil Saint got killed in some kind of gun misadventure and if they didn’t serve the people responsible it would be like spitting on his grave

      in the end the villains melt to death from the heat of the serve

      • Hahahaha. I literally lol’d. “Man, they shot Tony! We need to get the crew together and aggressively dance in front of these clowns to avenge his memory!”

        How that would go down:

  11. Apparently Battlefield America is the inside of a Derby rink.

  12. The fact that Gabe loves dance movies (but hates musicals) continues to confuse and delight me.

  13. Just another case of black Hollywood, villainizing the white man (boy).

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