There was this movie in the 1990s directed by Gregg Araki called Nowhere, which was a pseudo-sequel to Doom Generation, and part of his “Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy.” Anyway, at one point in the movie one of the characters is bragging so hard about all the sex he’s had and another character who is very skeptical says “yeah right, who did you have sex with?” and he says “Uh, a bunch of different people, a bunch of different times.” That line always made me laugh so hard. I’m reminded of it by whatever the hell is even going on with Zac Efron these days. First there was the time when he dropped a condom on the red carpet at The Lorax premiere where just right off the bat it’s like, what? You’re Zac Efron and you’re at a movie premiere. Leave the condoms in the limousine. “But what if I want to fuck in the bathroom halfway through the children’s movie about the environment?” Good God, my man! And now, in an Australian press junket interview to promote his new movie, The Something Who Cares Love Love, he demonstrates his expert ability at unclasping bras. HAHAHAH. Methinks the lady doth proBARF enough. This is getting ridiculous. Next he’s going to release a sex tape but it’s going to be in the style of those Taiwanese CGI news stories. “Trust me, they’ve got most of the facts right and that kind of looks like me.” What a virgin.

No way, Jose. Breasts do not feel like bags of sand, either! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. VERY good haircuts, boys.

  2. i saw him on the Tonight Show – like usual, i don’t recall how or why i was watching the Tonight Show, but unlike those Aussies I know this is not about me! – and he seems as if every waking moment of his life has been focus-grouped. he couldn’t be pandering more to everybody all at once.

  3. “Sex!! Right, guys?!”
    - Zack Efron

  4. I’m already excited for The Something Who Cares Love Love 2!

  5. I actually thought Zefron handled himself fine given that interesting articulate question he was asked.

  6. Nowhere was great! That’s my favorite Gregg Araki movie! And it had Guillermo and Frank The Bunny in it!

  7. Is it just me or does it look like Zac Efron and his actress friend are being interviewed by their alternate 1985 counterparts?

  8. I do feel compelled to point out that The Something Who Cares Love Love is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. So clearly, it’s a shoe-in for the Videogum Movie Club.

  9. Whatever dude. Zac Efron can have sex with any 47-year-old creepy dude he wants to have sex with.

  10. I’m glad no one wants to interview me. Those reporters are terrible.

  11. I enjoy the look on Girl Aussie’s face at :38 as she is clearly thinking, “Didn’t I just ask the most softball question of all time and are these two nitwits really bobbling it and telling me they don’t remember making out in their stupid movie about making out?”

  12. HAHAHAHA that’s exactly what my significant other thinks. They go to a different school. You wouldn’t know them.

  13. “Pinch & Slide” is probably also his favorite sex technique.

    Also, the latest dance craze at the discotheques.


    • Okay, story time: So one day I was working on the OSCARS and we were watching the pre-show stream on some like 75-inch TV in high def and whatever other fancy shit the company I was working for at the time rolled out for everyone building web pages on OSCAR NIGHT. Anyway, Zac walks by and his hair is really REALLY weird — like it sort of looked like it was thinning but also with spray hair on the scalp or something just very, very off. Possibly also drawn in with eyeliner? I don’t know. Anyway, it was fine during the ceremony but not before.

      If your hair is falling out Zac, we’ll forgive you. But please stop with the scalp makeup.

      • Sorry to change the subject from Zac Efron’s hair, but you got to work on the Oscars?! Designing web sites? I am very jealous #nosarcasmo

      • Whoaaa. I’m legitimately fascinated by this story. Tell us more stories!

        • I make sites from home now for not-evil corporate America and am 3000000 times happier. Entertainment versions of what I do are neither glamorous or fascinating. They pay less, make you work 60+ hours a week (while paying you for 40 bc it’s a glamour gig!!) and often force you to drive onto the lot to push a site live at midnight three times a week bc of firewalls and faulty VPNs. They also often bring you on board and never get you decent healthcare until you literally have an ulcer and receeding gums from stress. At 30. I had no social life, no bylines (bc guess what? Once that link dies, so do your clips bc taking anything other than a screen grab will get scary lawyers on you. So if a server changes or the show is cancelled, it’s your word with no real examples bc the fun stuff was so highly animated) and was a weirdo that could only talk about work and work-related stuff bc no duh, that is all I did. Plus bc it is so “coveted” you are basically disposable as there is always a new crop or starry-eyed kids ready to do your job for less. And you damn kids think the Internet is neat so it’s actually competitive to write PHP code on notebook and paste it into a CMS from 2002 bc that is still more reliable than their version. Plus all the stress and sitting makes you super fat, even though you are a runner and eat well. At the end of the day, you are still building websites. It doesn’t matter who it is for. Also, I was elated to not be on-site for awards shows if only because the Oscars take place in a mall and all those sexy cyberjournalists are live for about 10 minutes and typing stuff out in a sweaty van with bad wifi for the rest of the night.

          • To be fair the ulcer was when I was at the news.

          • Thanks for sharing all that. I’m a graphic designer (mostly print, but starting to do more web) and I have always thought that designing for film/television would be a dream job of sorts. I dedicate most of my free time to watching shows and movies, so why not try and design for them? Besides, I actually know how to use Photoshop, unlike some of the movie poster designers that Gabe has pointed out here on Videogum.

            I actually love my job, so I have no interest in actually switching career paths. Glad to hear you found yourself a better gig!

          • Good people and decent pay outweigh any of the benefits you get from these “dream” gigs. (And the egos — my god the egos.) I’ve had great gigs with terrible people and terrible gigs with great people. I don’t regret doing this for 11+ years (wow), but I got out and I’m so much happier for it. And when you’re writing and producing for a site and don’t get any claim to material… you have a 6 or 7 year gap in your portfolio (the length of time I was staff or essentially staff, pending on the job).

            You can always do fun freelance stuff on your own time, which can be so much more rewarding. It’s what I’m doing now and it’s the perfect balance (because I get to say when and how the balance works). Even my friends that started off on the creative end moved to the least creative stuff possible as quickly as possible if not to my end of the spectrum because it’s easier to walk away at night and pays better and is more secure and people yell at you less. I am terrible at being yelled at.

            But follow your dreams… or not. I don’t know. I just want to debunk the whole websites for Hollywood glamour myth because if you saw me driving into the lot in my pjs 3+ times a night and running in on a Saturday afternoon and not getting paid a dime to do any of this… you’d see where the glamour sort of unravels.

  15. But on the real real, that is the right way to pop a bra clasp, so he must be doing something right.

  16. Wow, he really looks like he’s done that before. And by “that,” I mean “practice unhooking a bra he stole from his sister’s room.”

  17. zac efron in real life is totally daniel radcliffe on extras

  18. He’s a virgin who can’t drive.


  20. He’s a real good sex person. He does it all the different ways.

  21. Yessss! And the character who said “a bunch of different people a bunch of different times” was called Ducky and was played by Scott Caan!

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