Hahahahahah. TIME. 2. GET. RIPPED. “If you want great delts, be a CGI superhero-slash-supervillain-depending-on-your-mercurial-motivations-in-this-or-that-storyline!”

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  1. Muscle & Fitness was actually his 2nd choice for a magazine cover, but O Magazine won’t return his calls.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Muscle & Fitness, but I already have this body.*

    *By which I mean my skin is an unhealthy green hue from my anemia and multiple organ failures.

  3. “Already ladies; time to get SMASHED.” – Bruce Banner, Personal Trainer

  4. Just wait until Film Critic Hulk appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

  5. If you green it, you can achieve it.

  6. No thanks, I’ll wait until they release the Galactus edition. That guy had way bigger delts. Crazy diet, tho.

  7. When does Ann Hathaway get the cover of Cat Fancy?

  8. Workout of Mark Ruffalo: No thanks. It’s not like it’s going to get any bigger.

  9. I’m on the super heroine photoshop diet. It’s great! I eat whatever I want and they just place a drawing of Emma Frost over me.

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