Just in case anyone had somehow come to believe that Mel Gibson was no longer Mel Gibsoning it up all over the place with his classic Mel Gibsonisms, a letter that screenwriter Joe Eszterhas wrote to Mel Gibson after never hearing any feedback on a script he’d written for him is making the rounds of the Internet and it’s REAL Mel Gibsony. First Eszterhas claimed that the defunct project, The Maccabees, about the Jewish hero Judah Macabee was simply Mel Gibson’s disingenuous attempt to improve his standing with, you know, everyone who’d ever heard anything else he’d said about Jews, but that he never actually planned to go through with the actual movie, which, well right, probably not? Do we really need the writer of Sliver to tell us that? But then he went on. And on. From TheWrap

“You continually called Jews ‘Hebes’ and ‘oven-dodgers’ and ‘Jewboys.’ It seemed that most times when we discussed someone, you asked ‘He’s a Hebe, isn’t he?’ You said most ‘gatekeepers’ of American companies were ‘Hebes’ who ‘controlled their bosses.’”

“You said the Holocaust was ‘mostly a lot of horseshit.’ You said the Torah made reference to the sacrifice of Christian babies and infants. When I told you that you were confusing the Torah with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, … you insisted ‘it’s in the Torah — it’s in there!’ (It isn’t).”

Yup! CLASSIC MEL! You can’t even get mad at this guy at this point. I mean, you can. But would you get mad at the sun for DENYING THE HOLOCAUST? Would you ask the rain not to REFER TO JEWS AS OVEN-DODGERS? Oven dodgers is a new one, and guess what: I DON’T LIKE IT! Although I am impressed by the Super Bowl Halftime Show Tightrope Crotch Dancer level of intellectual acrobatics required to refer to Jews as oven dodgers while also claiming that the Holocaust was bullshit. Like, WHICH IS IT? But like I said: Mel bein’ Mel. Haters gon’ be Mel Gibson. You mad. He mad. Everyone mad. Kind of wish this update wasn’t coming from Joe Eszterhas, since he’s basically American Sleezeball #1 who, not unlike Mel Gibson, only ever made any attempt to clean up his image and/or tone it down in any way whatsoever when his father was investigated for NAZI WAR CRIMES and he GOT CANCER. Hey, life is tough and if you’re a better person than you used to be that’s wonderful, I’m just saying sometimes it’s nice to be a good person for the sake of it and not as some kind of moral recalibration in the face of cosmic punishment or whatever. Don’t be a dick in the first place, dicks! That is the one thing I would say to the sun and the rain. Otherwise, you do you, sun and rain.

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  1. sliver is a great movie

  2. “Dear Pot, You are black. I hate blacks. Love, Kettle.”

  3. This is just a sad, riveting, mildly funny, but alltogether terrifying story or as they called these in the biz, An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn

  4. How reliable is the source of this? I mean, it’s a letter to Mel Gibson, right? So how did it get leaked? Mel Gibson certainly wouldn’t. So if Joe Eszterhas leaked it, then it’s really more of a letter ABOUT Mel Gibson, rather than a letter TO Mel Gibson. And while, by all means, I am not doubting Mel Gibson’s ability to say those awful things, I also feel like, if he didn’t actually say them, it would be PRETTY EASY to “leak” this letter and have everyone believe that he did. I’m not convinced by this. I’m just going to disregard this and continue hating him for the reasons I already have.

    • But didn’t those reasons already include the fact that he’s an antisemite?

    • let’s not think too hard about it and just blame the Jews.

    • Yeah it’s weird to use someone else’s accusations as more proof that he’s an asshole. I mean, you sort of don’t need more proof, but if you did, this would not be that proof.

      If anything, it makes me think Joe Eszterhas is an asshole (where previously I could not have been bothered to have an opinion about Joe Eszterhas). Who continues to work with a guy that constantly refers to people as “hebes” and “oven-dodgers”? I don’t give a fuck if it means your job or your career–you fucking walk away from that dude and you don’t look back.

      • Also, if you read the whole letter, Joe Eszterhas is basically calling Mel Gibson a racist because he hasn’t called him back about his script. I mean, he cites a bunch of examples of Mel being racist, but it takes Mel not calling him to discuss his script for Joe to come to the conclusion that Mel hates Jews. Ugh. Gross.

        Joe Eszterhas sounds like the kind of guy that would call a woman a lesbian because she refused to go out with him. (Not that Mel Gibson isn’t racist (duh doy, Joe!) and an idiot and maybe that woman I just made up is a lesbian, but I bet straight or gay has nothing to do with why she turned down Joe Eszterhas.)

      • Also, this letter is SO CLEARLY written for other people to read. There’s no shorthand–everything, every memory, every detail is written out and explained, even though he’s speaking to someone who was there when it happened…?

        I’m officially calling baloney on this whole mess. Both of them should just go to bed.

    • The letter’s level of credibility is a step or two up from a Courtney Love Twitter rant about Dave Grohl trying sleep with her daughter.

  5. I dunno I kind of like ‘Oven Dodgers’ first of all it’s an athletic name, and as a large hunk of my family passover dinner conversation is set aside every time to discuss Sandy Koufax (who was a DODGER) and his career stats (which are phenomenal) and I’ll bet he cooked a mean pizza too. I dunno, now I’m thinking that Oven Dodger was a blown opportunity for a great Koufax nickname. “The Southpaw Oven Dodger!”

    • There should be a comma or colon or semi-colon in there I guess. “The Southpaw Oven: Dodger. Otherwise it sounds like a lefty who is avoiding making pizzas. We don’t want that. It also sounds a little anti-semetic, if you ask me.

  6. To be fair, you can’t really blame me for waking up and hoping that Mel Gibson magically became Martin Riggs, can you?

  7. The persistence of the myth that Jews somehow control the world is puzzling. I mean, I understand it to a certain extent when someone who finds themselves economically marginalized finds a scapegoat for their situation and lashes out, but what’s Mel’s excuse? He’s been wildly successful, has more money than he probably ever dreamed of, and it all came while working side by side with Jewish people on probably every single movie he ever did. How can you have that much hate for so few people when you’re so well off and so many of you real-life interactions with those people had to have been positive?

    I find antisemitism really and truly baffling.

    • It’s especially puzzling when you consider that they are probably the most persecuted group of people in history. Where does the idea come from that this group that has been opressed for 5000 years is somehow running things?

    • You would find it less baffling R2, if you were working on set with one of us and caught us slip a bit of exoskin to reveal the lizard scales beneath. That’s right everyone! We’re the Lizard People! And it’s too late, we already control Hollywood, so there’s nothing you can do about it. We will continue to make holocaust movies and our control over the academy votes will also help us continue to perpetuate the myth that it ever even happened. Oh, you thought it was just coincidence that Holocaust movies are Oscar shoe-ins? Sometimes, even we are surprised how easy this is.

      • Woah woah woah woah woah. Not all lizard people are Jewish. And not all Jews are lizard people. If there is one thing I have learned in my countless hours researching YouTube scholars, this is not as interchangeable as you would think. Yes, according to some, lizard people and the Zionist conspiracy often go hand in hand. But it is the Illuminati, not the lizard people, who are hiding the TRUTH about the New World Order, the hollow moon, Nibiru and why we have yet to learn why yesterday’s earthquake cluster doesn’t hold up to the 188-day theory that was handed to us by the Mayans on hidden stone blocks that only ancient alien scholars can translate….

        Wait a second. Mel Gibson made Apocalypto. Mel had access to tablets like this. Is Mel Gibson an ancient alien scholar? I don’t think we can prove that he is not.


        I’m going back to bed.

          • This is my favorite show ever. How does one even become an ancient alien scholar? I have spent A LOT of time on You Tube looking up links between the Mayans and Nibiru, so I might qualify. I mean, we can’t prove that I do not qualify…

          • I wonder how people become “experts” on these shows all the time. “Rock and Roll Historian” is apparently something you can be? Did you go to school for that, or just own a lot of vinyl? I feel like ancient alien scholar would be easier, because who would be able to contradict you? That’s also exactly why I want to be a cat therapist or paranormal researcher when I grow up. I like jobs that have literally no yardstick against which to measure if I’m even doing what I claim to at all.

          • You can go to school for “rock and roll history” but being a cat therapist is made up. I took a college class about rock and roll history (1890-1980ish) and it was so awesome. so i guess the professor has a PhD in Rock. And jazz and blues and other stuff.

          • Every time that guy says “ancient astronaut theorist” I get confused because I imagine some thousand year old astronaut guy making up theories.

          • Jean-Ralphio would be perfect in a biopic of this guy.

        • I dunno about Ancient Alien scholar, or Rock historian, but I can tell you that the only way to become a Cat Therapist is to know the secret handshake. Only myself and three other people know it. AND I AIN’T TELLIN’!

          • There is an intuitive aura pet therapist here that offers their services OVER THE PHONE. If I wasn’t so impressed at their con artistry, I would undercut them by $8 a session because holy shit, you fucking idiot, your dog wants to go for a walk and maybe a snuggle. Plus I’ll be there is room for more than one pet psychic in Portland. Maybe I should make fliers later…

          • I’ll bet. Ugh, autocorrect.

          • I do intuitive aura pet therapy over the phone too, and I don’t even charge. It doesn’t just work for dogs, it also works on exes, parents, creditors, and by works, I mean, dissuades them from calling me again.

          • Well get ready to be undercut by $8 on that, too. Wahahahahahaha. Capitalism.

    • It’s not the Jews that control the world; it’s the Stonecutters.

      Who controls the British crown?
      Who keeps the metric system down?
      Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
      Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
      Who holds back the electric car?
      Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
      Who robs cavefish of their sight?
      Who rigs every Oscar night?

      THEY DO.

    • not to offer an excuse, but maybe a bit of explanation?

      gibson was raised by a nut-so, uber-strict nutjob psycho-catholic. growing up in an incredibly oppressive environment – with constant pressure to follow rules, etc. often breeds a lot of frustration and anger – especially upon growing up and finding out that the world at large doesn’t abide by the same sense of order you were raised in and expect to find elsewhere.

      add on top of that decades of struggling with addiction of all kinds….and you have a very angry person that lashes out at contrived enemies – in this case Jews – perpetuated by his narrow concept of his “religion” and his upbringing.

      • Didn’t his dad write a book denying the Holocaust? I remember when Passion of Christ came out and some people were saying “He negatively portrayed Judaism and his dad is a Holocaust denier, he must be an anti-Semite!” and everyone else was like “Settle down, fellas” and then he turned out to be a huge anti-Semite. Just a really cool, very well researched story.

        • To me, the fact that Gibson MADE The Passion of the Christ proved him to be an anti-semite more than anything in the movie. The movie was fairly representative of the New Testament (although Gibson added some details — mostly relating to the torture scenes — from non-canonical testimony by a 19th century nun who claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary). My point is that the movie itself wasn’t much more “anti-semitic” than the New Testament is. It says the Jews didn’t like Jesus very much and didn’t do much of anything to prevent his execution. Believing that doesn’t make you anti-semitic.

          What makes you anti-semitic is making a movie that focuses on (and exaggerates, based on the ramblings of a crazy person from the 19th century) the part of Jesus’s life that sheds the worst possible light on Jewish people. Did Mel Gibson make a movie about Jesus’s teachings? No. He made a movie about Jesus getting his ass beaten by Romans with the Jews’ blessing. He made a modern-day Passion Play, which throughout history have been used to “inspire” people to go and beat up Jews.

          Gibson knew that Jews would object to his movie and that there would be a backlash against them by Christians. He stoked prejudices and inter-religion disputes. He was and is a scumbag of the highest order.

          And like you said, many, many Christians defended Gibson at that time. Few of those people will defend him now. Told you so.

        • “just a really cool, very well researched story” – i was working late last night (ahem, taking a BREAK to read videogum) and i spit my drink all over my keyboard when i read that last sentence. well played, old man fatima, but you owe me a replacement of my clorox wipes b/c i used the last cleaning up the aftermath of hilarity.

  8. I don’t even understand how someone can get this awful. I also don’t understand how getting electrocuted would allow you to read all women’s thoughts. What I do know is that everything about all of this is gross. Now, if you will excuse me, I am due back in my Torts class at Caveman Lawyer Law School.

  9. He’s just jealous because he never got to have his own skiing-themed Bar Mitzvah.

  10. Wow! I posted this image by accident on the Gabe & Kelly thread about the aggressive donut-dunking and remakes, and now here we all are, in a scenario where I can post it in context!


  11. I think the shocking element of this story is that people are still hiring Joe Eszterhaz to write screenplays for them.

    What is the reasoning behind that, I wonder?

    “Well, the script will be completely terrible, but at least we’ll have ANOTHER asshole working on this picture.”

  12. We’re going to need a bigger beaver hand puppet

  13. When you gaze long into a Mel Gibson, a Mel Gibson also gazes into you.

  14. He’s got a case of the Hebrew Jeebies.

  15. Which issue of “Watchmen” does this letter come at the end of again?

  16. Ok and the funny part about this post is that all the apathetic sarcasm I worried was missing from this blog after reading the Nike post (in which everyone got there panties in a bunch over a marketing campaign) was here all along! Way to be apathetic about horrific anti-Semitism! I’m probably not even being sarcastic right now, because yea for realz Mel Gibson is a stupid face and we knew that already, sure.

    Also this comment probably only makes sense to me but that is fine because also it will not be read by any other people ever because I am a day late and that is at least a century in internet years.

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