Flash mobs are the worst, but this short documentary about a little boy in East LA building arcade games out of cardboard and the attention-seekers who make his day special for their own specious purposes is genuinely delightful.

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  1. “I will not cry.” – All of Argentina

  2. Dust storm just passed through here. Dust on everything!

  3. They’ve raised $73,000 for Caine’s scholarship fund. This is such a beautiful story.

  4. *sob*

  5. Thanks to puddy77 for the tip.

    He posted it in that Nike thread yesterday so a few Monsters got to balance that atrocious video out with this quality gem of visual craftsmanship.

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  7. Ah the softer side of Videogum (without cute animals). This is pretty awesome all kidding aside.

    I think I am going to make a zoo out of cardboard boxes and see if it can hold a tiger or an elephant or a bear….anyone want to help?

  8. I love this, don’t get me wrong… I just wish it would have been a more organic reveal. Like, maybe a couple people show up and then kinda fake call their friends, and then some folks just kinda stop by to see whats up and next thing you know dude’s working a full house. I guess that would be more of a “Trickle Mob” though. Either way, awesome story and awesome kid.

  9. “This place sucks. Where’s Frogger?” -Hipster #673

  10. This is so sweet. I don’t care if someone had a self-serving reason to bring attention to this kid, I’m still glad they did because now I get to know about him and his adorable idea.

  11. Great post/story/video/life.

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