I was just kidding last time. This is the one. KJ is OUR generation’s this kid! A Bentley Green for the kids. (Via DavidCho.)

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  1. Why do we only get ONE official jam this summer? Are we being punished for something?

  2. His lyrics really paint a picture.

  3. ZOMG this kid
    The part at 0:11 when he amps his voice up is the best

  4. Hey guys, I hope you all had fun at the party last night. No details? That’s cool, I understand. I went to a really awesome party last night, too, and we all decided not to talk about it so that people who weren’t there would feel even more jealous. So I totally understand where you’re coming from on this.

  5. where can I find this on The iTunes?

  6. k but seriously this kid is amazing and i want to steal him. $20 bucks says Lil B hires him as an in-house producer.

  7. Love this kid and his face

  8. Alexander McGuinness  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012 -1

    im happy to see that little wayne has stayed true to his original vision. abraham lincoln and daniel webster once spoke against manifest destiny based on beliefs that deepen our economy would be better than expanding it. little wayne has followed in their footsteps, opting to stick to his guns over the thritysomeodd years of his life instead of falling victim to the poisonous idea that is progression.

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