Please do not translate anything, I have all the information I need. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. I can think of at least 2 reasons why R. Kelly would love this video.

  2. “when girls reach the age in which they begin to drift away, you must stuff their pockets with potatoes and send them to the factory to work” – Karl Marx

  3. The girl isn’t flying, that’s just the tree that girls come from

  4. I actually tried to translate that, Kelly, but I couldn’t get any further than “C’mere, Tarzan!” Sorry.

    • Luckily I speak fluent Russian. He said “This little girl here. She believes she can fly. She believes she can touch sky. She think about it every night and day. She spread her wing and she fly away.”

  5. I knew a girl who could fly when she was only sixteen… WHEN SHE WAS ONLY SIXTEEN YEARS OLD!


  6. I thought it was common knowledge that the chemical reaction of sugar, spice, and everything nice caused temporary flight.

  7. I thought Tarzan was supposed to be the one in the trees. #nailedit

  8. “In America, you have fly girls. In Soviet Union, we have girls fly!” – Yakov, probably.

  9. Maybe she fell out of that spaceship from earlier, and she was just making a soft landing into the arms of her alien Mom.

  10. This is just viral marketing for the new Heroes reboot, yes? Yes.

  11. The YouTube description totally clears it up. Especially this part:

    “At schools of the Buddha and Dao, assume that at people who were well improved in the practice, channels of meridians are opened, and they can soar and fly.”

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