Seriously, though, for real, ain’t nobody got time for bronchitis. Back off. Hiding in a barbecue scent like some kind of creep. No! We all have shit to do, bronchitis. Can I live? (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Gotta be honest, I’m pretty upset about Sweet Brown stealing my nickname.

  2. Oh sweet brown Jesus, this is going to go viral like bronchitis.

  3. I imagine a cold pop would be just the thing to soothe that bronchitis.

  4. If someone takes the autotune version, I will do the pumpkin dance overlay version.

  5. Just for one day, I want to live in the world where Sweet Brown has the anchor’s job and the current anchor is the woman interviewed on the street.

  6. She’s brown sugar and spice
    And if you don’t treat her nice
    She’ll contract bronchitis!

  7. “Sweet Sweet Brown’s Baaaadddaaaaaassssss Cough”

  8. Frank Sets Sweet Brown on Fire.

  9. Sometimes, when it’s damp out, my ankle gets sore. I ain’t got time for that.

    What don’t you guys have time for?

  10. Sometimes, when I’m on my computer using the internet, I’ll go to open a new page but it never loads because the wireless connection has timed out and I have to reset it. I ain’t got time for that.

  11. “Sweet Brown” is the new Five Hour Energy flavor. “You’ll have time for ‘dat! …Everyday.”

  12. She didn’t have time to grab no shoes but I’m pretty sure she took a few seconds to save that hairpiece.

  13. “Leave the shoes, I’ll carry you.” -Jesus

  14. sure hope these guys were on hand to help out.

  15. “I got the black lung pops!”

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