We spend a lot of time focusing on upsetting things here. Mostly because upsetting things often seem more interesting or worthwhile or fun and energizing, in a backwards way, to talk about. For example, I have been talking about that Nike video to so many people all day because oh my goodness that fucking Nike video is so upsetting! Did you read what Gabe said about it? Read what Gabe said about it one more time and then come back and watch this video and relax and be ready to feel like you want to let go of all of your anger and work creatively with a clear mind, even though probably you won’t. And hey, did you hear that Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race? It’s slightly difficult to celebrate because of the reason he gave for dropping out, but also…no it’s not! Not at all! He’s a hateful monster! BUT NOW WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR? That is something you and your God can work out in your own time, because now it is Alfred Hitchcock’s time and he would like to tell you about happiness.

Yes, that was a good definition! Thank you, Alfred Hitchcock, whoever you are. I can tell you’re going to have a very bright future. (Via DangerousMinds.)

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  1. Pshh. Happiness is for the Birds.

    • No it’s not, they’re always angry! Probably because happiness ISN’T for them! Do you know how hard it is to use a warm gun when you have no thumbs?!

  2. Didn’t he drop out because his daughter is sick? But I’m sure she’ll be alright; there are camps he can send her to that will make her start liking men again.

  3. disappointing. i thought he’d give the 39 steps to achieve it.

  4. While I find it hard to disagree with Sir Alfred, I always thought Orson Welles had a better take when posed with the same question, “This champagne tastes like dog piss, but Imma gonna keep drinkin’ it.”

  5. This is one of the most terrifying explanations of happiness I’ve ever heard. Something about his voice makes me nervous.

  6. After hearing the Santorum news, I’ve just got “Game Off” running through my head.

  7. Videogum seems to have become very philosophical on it’s brithday. Don’t worry, buddy, it’s hard for everyone to get older! You’ve got friends! Today’s about you!

  8. I find this definition of happiness far different than what I believe the true definition is. If you actually want to find out what it really means to be happy then I think you guys are looking in the wrong place. The definition goes far beyond that of a simple dictionary definition. There are many websites such as http://happinessdirect.com/category/happiness that really go through the ins and outs of being happy and what it means to get there. I think you guys should check it out.

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